Hamtramck man charged with amputating his dog’s rear leg

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Earlier this week, a Hamtramck, Michigan man was charged with amputating his dog’s rear leg after his pup became injured in a fight and the owner was not able to afford the surgery at a veterinarian hospital.

According to the MI Headlines, Charles Wofford, 50, was arrested and arraigned on Monday. He was charged with felony animal torture and a misdemeanor count of animal cruelty.  The Michigan Humane Society stated the heartless deed occurred on April 25, when Wofford used a garden shears and a steak knife to amputate his seven-year-old Labrador retriever’s leg. Concerned citizens notified the Michigan Humane Society.

At the time, a spokesperson for the organization would not release details because of the ongoing investigation, but that the tools used in amputating the dog’s leg were recovered as evidence. CEO Matthew Pepper stated it was the “most horrific act” he had seen in his 20 years in animal welfare.

Wofford repeatedly told authorities he was not able to afford veterinarian care and insisted the dog felt no pain after cutting off the part of the dog’s leg that had been gangrene.

The MHS performed more surgery on the dog, and after a month placed him with a new family; his new name was Mackinac. During that time, the dog’s behavior worsened forcing the adoptive family to send him back to the rescue where he had been showing signs of extreme stress – barking, trying to bite and baring his teeth. On August 4, the dog was humanely euthanized.

Wofford is scheduled to undergo a probable cause conference on November 8.

Rest in peace Mackinac.

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    What a Horrible Thing to do!!! The poor dog NO PAIN !!!! Bullshit!!! Although I will Have to Admit some of the Vet CARE has GONE OVER THE TOP & Cost Far MORE THAN GOING To A PHYSICIAN for YOUR OWN NEEDS!!! I have BEGUN to think THAT GREED has been GROWING in the PRACTICE in A FEW Place … NOT so much in Animal ( Agricultural Area such as your Livestock) But in you companion Pets, and Equine Area’s Why BECAUSE to the Majority of Animal Lovers We will go to the Ends of the Earth To Keep our dog, cat, horse Healthy!!! Sometimes to the Extreme…. and Elders and non-professional people OFTEN have Difficulty Coming up with the Enormous Fees Charged… In this his HIS POOR pet paid the Price with being euthanized !!! So Sad!!! He needs to be indited!!

    • Animal Advocate says:

      What happened that the poor dog had gangrene in the first place? He could have found s rescue I would like to amputate his leg with no anesthesia- the bastard!!! Would you do that to a child if you couldn’t afford medical care?! There was no excuse. There are many vets that offer care credit. I’m sure he had money got drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and tattoos ! Probably unemployed white trash!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hard to understand why this dog had to be euthanized after all that he has been through. Maybe that second surgery caused more problems and precipitated this behavior? I am not saying this owner did the right thing because the dog could have also died, but according to him, the dog had no pain afterward. Wonder if possibly the dog missed this man, as weird as that might seem or having his limb repaired twice was just too much for him. There should be ways for those who can’t afford care for their pets like surgery, should be able to have the work done and somehow find a way for the bill to be paid off or even reduced. I know surgeries are expensive, but trying to keep owner and dog together should be a concern to, especially if there is a bond. Unfortunately we don’t know how this owner was to his dog before this.

    • Animal Advocate says:

      There are ways , care credit is one. Credit cards as well. If you couldn’t afford health care for a child would you do the same? I would almost bet he had money for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs , tattoos , etc. The poor fog was probably a bait dog. So many horrific abuses I’ve seen over the years Sickening! You try to pick up s second/ third job today pay a bill or sell jewelry or whatever you can. A pet is a family member!

  3. Dalma Bugg says:

    The poor dog doesn’t look like he’s been a bait dog from the photo as they’re usually badly torn around the face firstly so they can’t bite back on the attacker. I think we really do know what this lowlife was like to the dog prior to the event, otherwise her too would have done everything possible to get him treated properly and certainly would not have undertaken backyard butchery on this precious boy. Having been attacked by another dog, it’s possible that infected body fluids were transferred to him, but unless a full autopsy is done, no findings will be cnclusivre that willl guarantee hefty charges and make them stick. My Thoughts and Prayers are that this lowlife rotter be served the severest form of justice applicable under the law. RIP Precious Boy, run free and happy OTRB.


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