Guide dog with mischievous streak leads owner into pet store

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Guide dog Thai is extremely devoted to his blind mistress, Danielle, but hey a dog needs to have a little fun, and his adorable mischievous streak is absolutely heartwarming.

On Friday, Michele Sykora shared a video of her sister Danielle walking in the mall with Thai. Her Twitter message under the video couldn’t help but make you smile:

“My sister’s guide dog always sneakily walks her into this store without knowing. I love dogs, man.”

The sign on the store? Would you believe “Cool Dog Gear”?

The video instantly went viral with more than 6.7 million views, and Michele followed the video with the above; an adorable photo of Danielle and Thai kissing. When interviewed with Buzz Feed, Michele stated this wasn’t the first time Thai had ducked into the pet store. One time Danielle had been  at the mall with her father and Thai just walked into the store.

And of course, Thai’s super cuteness and energy inspired other Twitter users to share their stories. One dog likes to lead his mistress to the park. Another pooch fakes alerts so he can get more treats and still another enjoys walking down the pet aisle in supermarkets – just in case.

Could life with our dogs get any better? I doubt it!

Check it out:

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