Growing fear of serial dog attacker using pellet gun and hammer

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Shocking cruelty in Ballinunty, Co Tipperary, Ireland have animal lovers and their rescuers fearing a serial dog attacker in two nearby violent incidents of cruelty and torture. Two attacks against dogs happened within a few miles of each other during September.


In the first incident earlier in September, firefighters found a Saluki that was having difficulty breathing. The dog, since named Billy, had been shot with a pellet gun between his eyes.  Two weeks later, a German shepherd dubbed Leo was discovered. This dog had been struck with a blunt instrument.

Paws Animal Rescue Ireland has been caring for both dogs.

“Please be patient, we are doing our best to get back to everyone who has pm’d us regarding Leo. We will update you all soon regarding how he is doing. On a positive note, Billy, the Saluki who was shot in the head, will hopefully be discharged next week. He still has a long road ahead of him but is doing much better. The biggest problem he has endured is because the gun shot went through the roof of his mouth, it is extremely difficult to heal. He has undergone two operations thus far. Fingers crossed it stays intact this time and he goes from strength to strength.”


Leo was discovered by a Good Samaritan on a bog in Ballinure, just a few miles away from where Billy was found. By the time Leo was rescued, his deep wounds were infected and crawling with maggots. Veterinarians believe he had been struck with a hammer.

“Today, our local dog warden received a call about a dog in the bog in Ballinure Co Tipperary who was seriously injured (not far from where Billy the Saluki was found shot in the head). He contacted us immediately to see if we could help, of course, we said yes. We were not sure what to expect, all we were told was that he was badly injured. After being examined at our vets, they informed us that he had been hit with a blunt object between his ears. He had a laceration on his head which was infested with maggots
He is currently receiving the help and medication he needs. We will have to see how he gets on over the next couple of days. Please keep everything crossed for him. We will do all that is possible to help. \we are only going to share these two pictures as the other ones are very graphic. We have called him Leo. He’s not chipped.”

Video: Leo feeling better

It is not known why either of the dogs were targeted for such cruelty, but investigators suspect the dogs may have been harmed by the same person(s).

Whoever shot Billy must have walked right up to him and aimed the gun at the dog’s face. He has undergone two surgeries to repair the damage to his jaw.

To help with Billy and Leo, donations can be made by clicking here.

(Photos for serial dog attacker news via Facebook Paws Animal Rescue Ireland)

Read the latest animal news at the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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8 replies
  1. Denise Moore says:

    WTF is wrong with some humans? They are so miserable they attack innocent animals we should consider putting them down instead of unwanted animals. We are having a serious societal problem when so many humans attack homeless or defenseless animals they will attack other humans as well…Find the guilty prosecute to the fullest extent of the law

  2. Adrienne says:

    I truly hope that the authorities find the vile monster(s) who did this to these animals and pray that there are no more horrific cases of animal cruelty anywhere.

  3. Dalma Bugg says:

    It sounds to me like a “vigilante” with a hatred for either dogs or specifically strays, however, it’s inexcusable whatever the reason and I hope they are found and put through the justice system sideways. Thoughts and Prayers for both beautiful dogs to heal well, recover and move on to be adopted into loving caring families so they will no longer live in fear.

  4. Red says:

    Find the useless, vile, excuse of a human a whack him with a hammer then shoot him right between the legs! Then….walk away.


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