Gray fox rescued from roof of Pittsburgh’s private Duquesne Club

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On Thursday, in downtown Pittsburgh, a gray fox found his way to the roof of the Duquesne Club. As members and staff awaited a wildlife rescue to capture the beautiful animal, photos and social media posts began to circulate:

“The Duquesne Club has been visited by princes, politicians, musicians and movie stars and as of today – a fox on the roof! #pittsburgh #fox#upontheroof,”

By Friday afternoon, the Humane Animal Rescue in Verona stated they weren’t sure how the fox made his way to the top of the building, but he was examined and deemed to be healthy.

“This gray fox is resting comfortably at our Wildlife Center after he was found on the roof of the Duquesne Club in Downtown Pittsburgh. It’s unclear how this guy managed to make his way to the top of the building, but he does not seem to have imprinted on humans & is very much wild,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.


The staff is working with the state Game Commission to plan his release back into the wild, and different sites are being considered.

“The fox’s new territory will need to be appropriate for survival, containing elements of cover, as well as access to food. We expect to release him soon.”

The Duquesne Club is known to provide members and guests with “exclusive recreational, social and business experiences…” It would seem as if the visiting gray fox was treated to the same exceptional service:

“Tim Alan Did you give him some macaroons?
Duquesne Club Of course : )”
If you’d like to help  care for this fox, visit & select “Injured Wildlife” as the designation.

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