‘Grandpa’ was old and left to die at Texas shelter until …

“Grandpa” was abandoned and left to die at a Texas kill shelter. Had it not been for animal advocates and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC,  the emaciated, nine-year-old Heeler would have been led down a lonely hallway and put to sleep – an old soul who was scared, meek and suffering.

“His eyes tell his story,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization posted on Facebook as she diligently worked to transfer Grandpa to their partner veterinarian hospital in San Antonio.

For ten years, Grandpa lived outside tied to a chain. His grueling existence included weathering storms,  enduring extreme heat and illness. As he grew older, he lost his hair, his back sloped down and somewhere one of his front legs had been amputated; barely supported by his mangled back legs Grandpa had been a poster dog of neglect, yet not one person ever tried to reach out and help.

“Our companion animals have no rights; no one to help dogs like Grandpa, at the mercy of someone who doesn’t care,” Stacey continued.  “Just look  at this poor soul …This bring tears to our eyes, knowing Grandpa’s life has been so awful.”

Grandpa is now in San Antonio and is safely out of the shelter. He is receiving medical care – most likely for the first time in his life. Veterinarians and the staff at the hospital say this senior has plenty of love to give and plenty of time to enjoy a new and improved life.

His arthritis will be treated to help him be more comfortable, and when he is well enough to travel to New York, he will be ready for a new home. Granpa is mellow, well-behaved, children and dog friendly.

Apply here to foster or adopt Grandpa
Let’s show Grandpa kind people do exist !

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  1. Darla G says:

    Damn his former owners to Hell – and the sooner the better. They deserve to suffer for what they put Grandpa through for 10 long and lonely years. Thank God for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC – they are one of the best rescues out there, IMO. I’ve donated to them often and will continue to do so. I only hope Grandpa can make a full recovery and live the rest of his life the way the first 10 years SHOULD have been. Good luck, old boy!

  2. Marni Montanez says:

    I will never understand how someone can watch their dog suffering day after day at the end of a chain and think that’s ok to do to feeling, sentient being.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    Ten Thousand Posters at least 4 foot tall and 2 foot wide should be Made and Posted in numerous area’s such as the Capital Building, Justice Department, Federal Buildings, University Campus Settings, Malls, Recreational Facilities, Sports Domes, Rodeo Area’s With the slogan ” SO THIS IS TEXAS PROUD?” —— SHAME ON US!!!! How can Governor Gregg Abbott!!! just sit in his IVORY CASTLE with his Wife and Own Dogs and continue to allow this to happen… MAYBE IMUS should take a STANCE ON THIS ISSUE !!!

  4. Daniel Clarkson says:

    What is it with so many people from Texas? Have they no heart or soul? To simply abandon an old dog at a kill facility is as heartless as it comes.I hope that karma catches up with this person or family that did this to Grandpa. A big thumbs up to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, for rescuing Grandpa and treating him with essential care until he is ready for a good furever home.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Not only was ‘Grandpa’ neglected by his so called ‘owner’ – this Texas shelter did no better. His health and medical needs were completely ignored because all this lousy example of a shelter was doing was waiting to kill him. Only because Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and their compassion was Grandpa rescued and now is receiving the care he so desperately needs. This rescue is top of the line – THEY CARE I hope there is a kind person there who will step up for this poor neglected dog and give him the safe loving home he obviously never had.


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