Granddaughter rescued pony online to granny’s shock when dumped in garden

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In another “hard to believe this really did happen” situation, a grandmother was shocked when a neglected pony was delivered to the garden of her home after her 13-year-old granddaughter rescued the free pony advertised online.

According to the ITV Report, the young skinny and mite-covered colt was abandoned at the back of a home in Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent after the teen gave her grandmother’s address for delivery. When the grandmother discovered the pony, she didn’t know what to do and notified World Horse Welfare and the RSPCA for help.

“You couldn’t make this up!,” Charlotte Melvin of the RSPCA stated. “A 13-year-old girl responded to a plea on an online free ads site where a lad said she didn’t want money anymore and that he would be put to sleep if no one had him. She [the teen] gave her nan’s address and the next think that happened was a man just came along and dumped the pony there, no words of advice or anything like that – and leaving a very shocked nan.”

The RSPCA and World Horse Welfare are now asking for the public’s help to find out who is responsible for just abandoning an animal in someone’s garden.

Fortunately for the pony, now named Mr. Melvin Andrews, he has been transferred to the Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Center where he has already convinced everyone caring for him that he is a lovely little guy and there will be a home for him someday where no one will ever neglect or abandon him.

The RSPCA currently has 928 horses in their care – this year the number of rescued horses has reached a four-year high. Anyone with information is asked to call 0300.123.8018 or 08000.480.180.

(Photos by RSPCA)

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2 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    The granddaughter meant well and at least the end result is good for this pony. Can’t understand why owners don’t just call these rescues and be honest and say you can’t take care of the animal anymore. Own up and be honest. Cowards.

  2. Sheri says:

    Thank you grandma for RESCUE & give your 13yr old granddaughter a great big hug for caring about the life of an animal????
    Most children nowadays want to abuse animals,, ugh. Thank you showing her the right path in this hardened world!!


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