Girlfriend laughs as thug smashes dog against wall breaking its teeth

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A closed circuit video in an elevator revealed a heartless thug smash his dog into a wall breaking the animal’s teeth. Daniel Cheslin, 22, was seen in the video abusing his dog, while living at the Bedford House, Sanda Croft, Smiths Woods, with his girlfriend Jade Bellingham.

According to the Birmingham Live News, the disturbing footage of Cheslin and his girlfriend kicking and slapping the Staffordshire Bull terrier named Rudy was brutal. In the first video, Cheslin and Birmingham were seen entering the elevator where Rudy was kicked, slapped and punched. In a second video, Rudy was dragged and lifted off the floor by his leash, and then “hits the back of the lift with such force it causes the CCTV camera to shake.”

Subsequent videos show Cheslin punching the dog on the top of his head.

When examined by a veterinarian, Rudy had lost two of his front teeth, had a head injury and a blood shot eye which would have been consistent injuries with having been punched.

Cheslin pleaded guilty to two charges of animal cruelty, and on Friday was ordered jailed for one year and is banned from keeping any animals for the next 15 years. His girlfriend was sentenced to a one-year community service order for not intervening to stop the dog from being abused.

“Rudy was a passive and even tempered dog and despite that the defendant was wantonly cruel,” Judge Jonathan Gosling stated at Cheslin’s sentencing.

Cheslin’s attorney told the court his client has a number of personal problems including depression and anxiety.

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    • Stupid bitch and her POS boyfriend. I hope while that fucker is in jail .. someone does the same to him. THAT .. WILL BE FUNNY!!! Hey Daniel .. hope you like being someone’s BITCH while you’re there

  1. The idiot girlfriend should ALSO BE LOCKED UP….. she thought the cruel inhumane treatment was FUNNY!! Hey KARMA……

  2. I don’t care what sort of problems, mental or otherwise this slimebag is supposed to have, that is no excuse to thrash the daylights out of any living creature let alone one he should be loving and caring toward as his own companion. Ther are millions of people around the world who live with depression and anxiety every day, but they don’t go doing this sort of thing. As for his girlfriend, I can imagine she may have been scared she’d be next if she spoke up, but she was still with him for the su sequent events and had not cleared out for her own safety – so she’s as stupid as he is. They both should have been given harsher sentences.

  3. Maybe his jail mates can collectively smash his teeth–his whole head would be better!

    Please let us know how the dog is doing!

  4. Please give us all a chance at doing the same to him and his goofy girlfriend. Wonder if their parent(s) did this to them. Hope the dog is ok and gets into a loving home.

  5. BS !! Depression and anxiety dont make u do that shit! Hes a sociopath, domestic abuse offernder, abuser, and maybe even murderer in the making! Over 70% of sociopaths start with animals and over 80% of domestic violence offenders started hurting animals! With the courts having that info readily available you would think they would stop it at the root, WITH HARSHER PUNISHMENTS FOR ANIMAL ABUSERS! In order to stop a problem start where it starts and stop it there! DUH! POOR RUDY! I hate people i swear! I would care for 10000 Pit Bulls rather then 100 humans, ANYDAY! THE PUNISHMENT SHOULD FIT THE CRIME!!

  6. No, his client does not have problems. He and his girlfriend are just evil and they deserve each other. heartless monsters.
    I pray for that poor dog. I shutter to think how many times this dog has gone through that. I hope he ends up in a cell with a big strong animal lover.

  7. They are both psychopathic depraved pea size brain vile and evil animal torturing thugs. If I could get to them both I would smash both ttheir vile and evil faces and teeth in. Then string the vile and evil lowlifes up by their vile and evil necks.


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