German shepherd euthanized

German shepherd immediately euthanized after fatal baby mauling

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A German shepherd was immediately seized and euthanized after allegedly mauling a five-month-old baby while at a babysitter’s house in Clayton County, Georgia. According to WSBTV News, the baby, Paige, was in the care of a family friend when she was killed.

What happened?

The mauling was said to have taken place while the man caring for her was sleeping – the baby put down to sleep on a bed in one room and the man watching her was sleeping in another.

The baby’s mother, Terika George, is heartbroken and stunned by what happened – she told WSBTV that the German shepherd had been around Paige since the baby was born, and had never shown any signs of aggression. She stated, “He ate by us, he slept by us, he followed us and sometimes I had her in her car seat and he would go over and check on her and walk away. I never heard of anything like this.”

German shepherd euthanized

The baby died sometime between late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning – a call was made to the police, around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning stating that the baby was dead. The dog accused of fatally mauling her was removed and has already been euthanized.

How could this happen?

How could something like this happen? German shepherds are known to be devoted companions – what happened in the middle of the night to drive a dog to fatally maul a baby? There have been no charges made in the case – it is unclear if the circumstances surrounding the baby’s death are being investigated or not.

(Stock image of a German shepherd via Pixabay/NOT the dog from this story)

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9 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    So was it a “fatal mauling” or a German Shepherd who heard a baby crying and in an attempt to help grabbed the child to pick her up? Anyway you look at it, a child and a dog are dead because of human negligence. A child should never be left where a dog can get to it! I highly doubt this was a “mauling” but that’s what it will be called because “what else would a dog do to a child” (sarcasm)?

  2. Adrienne says:

    Sad situation all around for the babies family as well as the dogs owner. Has this friend ever watched the baby at night and left it in another room on the bed? Could it be possible that in the dark, the dog heard a strange, possibly unfamiliar sound and went to investigate and as it got louder tried to stop it? We have no idea if the baby cried and that is why the dog attacked, to protect his home and family. Of course there is no excuse for what the dog did, but putting this animal, with a baby in the house at night triggered something in him. Why wasn’t this child in a crib or bedding in the man’s room where he could have kept a better eye on the baby for any noises. Two lives gone for no reason or explanation. Can only suspect what might have happened. Dogs should never ever be alone with a baby, especially when the baby is in an area that the dog can get to. Did the dog try to stop the baby from crying and that is what happened? Baby should not have been on the bed but in a secure sleeping area like a crib.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    I have a real hard time with this story – I am suspicious of this man’s story because blaming a dog is easy since they cannot speak for themselves AND no investigation was done at all – they took this man’s word at face value and nowhere in the post did I see how the baby died and/or what the injuries were. And in addition, this dog was around the child since birth so why would it all of a sudden hurt the baby? Since Clayton County just killed the dog with no further investigation I wonder exactly who did what – this whole story makes no sense since there should have been some investigation, but they jumped the gun and killed the dog not knowing what happened. Something stinks big time here and now we will never know exactly WHO is responsible for this child’s death.

  4. maxiemom says:

    Best guess? The baby started crying, and the human didn’t respond. The German Shepherd, being the protective dog he was, tried to help as dogs do, but that help proved fatal because dogs pawing and pulling would kill babies.

    Not the dog’s fault, but the stupid human’s who failed to keep the baby away from the dog in the first place.

    It doesn’t matter that they knew each other. Dogs react to situations like that in ways that humans need to understand could harm a baby because they ARE protective. If you’re going to watch a 5 month old, keep the baby in a crib, especially if you have a dog in the house!

  5. Sue says:

    Maybe this could explain it (not all dogs have these reactions, the different forms of reaction to poisons is in the hundreds, but autoimmune diseases, cancer, and seizures are just an example of some others.

    Rabies Miasm: The Rabies Vaccine Side Effect That Can Harm …
    With the rabies miasm, the pattern of symptoms are manifestations of rabies but in a more chronic and insidious form which may persist for years.

  6. Dolores Reynolds says:

    I wonder if an autopsy was
    performed. Curious if it is possible that the child died in her sleep (SIDS?) and the frantic dog didn’t know what to do.


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