Gang of kids threw fireworks at blind woman and her guide dog

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In a coldhearted and cruel attack on Tuesday afternoon, a gang of kids are alleged to have thrown fireworks at a blind woman and her guide dog in Hyde Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire.

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, a gang of three or four teens stood about 65 feet from the victim and threw the explosives.  Fortunately neither the victim, a woman in her 50s, nor the guide dog were struck by the fireworks, but both were extremely frightened. The dog tried to run away.

“Two women came to her aid and helped her to safety. Officers are keen to trace those women as potential witnesses to the incident.”

The West Yorkshire Police – Leeds North are investigating, and on Tuesday sent out a message on Twitter aimed directly at the culprits:

“To the individuals that aimed fireworks at a blind lady and her guide dog in @Hyde _Park_Leeds this evening, you should be utterly ashamed. To the 2 good Samaritans that came to her aid, you should be proud. Please RT and lets see if we can identify the witnesses and the suspects.”

Officers are also checking area surveillance cameras.

(Photo of Hyde Park via the Yorkshire Evening Post and Google Maps)

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9 replies
  1. Stephen Phillips says:

    Little F*KWADS! Let’s insert those fireworks in an appropriate orifice, and light ’em up!
    SO grateful neither the woman nor her dog were injured, AND that he didn’t run off: Reuniting them would’ve been a complicated affair…

  2. Dalma Bugg says:

    Thank the Good Lord this lady and her dog were unharmed though very shaken and also that her dog didn’t manage to bolt as dogs do around fireworks. Thankful for the other women who came to the victim’s aid. We don’t even know the age of these toe rag kids though they could’ve been quite young. If they’re caught, and I hope they are, they deserve to be handcuffed and shackled to their school flagpole with all their pockets jammed full of crackers and surrounded by their whole school bearing crackers too and light up for good old shut Fawkes with their prisoners as targets. They won’t get any such thing sadly, just an officer’s hand on their shoulder with a warning and away they go.
    Animal abuse is not a free for all. Every perpetrator should get the very harsh penalties regardless of age.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Glad the woman and her dog are alright, and I agree that these cretins should have the same firecrackers inserted into their appropriate part of their bodies.Thank goodness her dog didn’t run away.

  4. Luana Duncan says:

    Thank God, the woman an her dog weren’t injured!! And that they were aided by some good people!! Those kids need 2 b caught an disciplined!! Yes, they should b very ashamed of themselves and their should know better!!! Please find these kids!!!

  5. J. Martin says:

    Little bastards … You know. I’d love to have been there with a baseball bat and smash their heads in
    Take those fucking fireworks off them and jam them up their asses .. then lite em up

  6. ACE says:

    They are more than “stupid” or “Idiots” they are criminals and dangerous, . As an Englishman living in the US, I am appalled and ashamed. I hope that they find them and PUNISH them to the FULL extent of the Law…Lock em up!

  7. Pamela D says:

    Sick fucking bastards who need to be identified and put in a room with her family they they can torture the shit out of them. Hope they have a short painful future.


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