Frightened shepherd tazed following frantic miles long freeway run

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A frightened German shepherd bit a police officer, and was tazed, following a frantic hours long run on a highway in Phoenix, Arizona. The young shepherd was spotted running along State Route 51 early Tuesday morning during rush hour – helicopter video showed troopers following him as he ran along the roadway. The police tried to get the dog to stop – even offering treats at one point – but he refused to stop.

When the dog finally tired, an officer tried to secure him and was bitten in the process – the dog, tired and terrified, was then tazed and held on the side of the roadside until animal control could arrive to take him away.

Frightened dog tazed after freeway run

The frightened dog’s fate

Dog lovers who watched the frantic run worried for the shepherd’s fate – especially after word was released that he had bitten a police officer. Fears were put to rest on Tuesday by the MCACC Field Officers Facebook page:

The infamous freeway dog from this morning is all and well!! First spotted near Thomas and the State Route 51 adult male A4177540
**Be advised, this dog will be placed on a 10 day quarantine. If owner is not found he will be evaluated for adoption or sent to rescue. MCACC is here to help the dog, not put it to sleep. We exhaust all options to get EVERY dog out of the shelter ALIVE**

The dog was exhausted after running for miles, and his paws were bloodied, but otherwise he is in good condition.

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Here comes the ice cream truck!


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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Many thanks and blessings to the officers and MCACC! They are ALL heroes!
    Also, love and best wishes for the poor, but lucky, Shep!

  2. Lildixiebelle says:

    If no one claims the poor shepherd, maybe, just maybe…the compassionate police officer would consider adopting him. Think about it officer.


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