Friendly dog’s mouth ripped apart when he went to say hi to another dog at shelter

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A friendly dog, who managed to break out of his kennel to go and visit another dog, wound up with his mouth ripped apart when the other dog attacked. The horrific encounter was recounted to followers to the Second Chance Rescue Dogs Nyc Facebook page on Thursday.

The rescue agency explained what happened:

Shelter favorite, Elijah had his mouth ripped off. Understandably, we can’t share the video of the other dog ripping off his mouth, it is very hard to watch. Overnight the shelter surveillance cameras saw Elijah break out of his kennel to go say “Hello” to one of the dogs in the bay, he approached the dog’s kennel with soft body language and his wiggle butt shaking it hard. He pressed his face against the kennel and the dog violently grabbed his face and attacked him, ripping off his mouth. The shelter staff walked in to what looked like a murder scene in the morning.


Elijah is a volunteer favorite, who is so sweet and good with dogs. His previous owner kept him chained outside and he is heartworm positive. Poor guy was having so much fun and then another dog grabs on to him for a solid 60 seconds.

Saving Elijah

The shelter where Elijah was attacked reached out for help and Second Chance Rescue immediately stepped up. The rescue group stated:

Elijah was transported to a hospital by shelter personnel after we agreed to take him. Elijah is at the hospital in stable condition receiving stellar care.

Addressing the shelter backlash

The rescue group has addressed the harsh backlash which is being directed to the shelter:

This shelter loves their animals very much which is why they asked tirelessly several rescues to help with this dog. We work with 76 shelters in the USA, and this is our top 3 favorite. Do you think they wanted this to happen? Some of the comments in these threads are WILD & Grotesque & downright offensive. Unless you have worked or volunteered at a shelter that houses up to 700 dogs, please do not make unfounded accusations.


To donate to Elijah ER, please go to

Venmo is : nycsecondchancerescue

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7 replies
  1. Tracy Vaillancourt says:

    So so sad for everyone involved. Clearly no one is at fault. The thing I feel really bad about is that Elijah was alone and hurting til morning. Poor baby. Grateful blessings to all those who step up and create these wonderful shelters. You are my heros! Doing what you do is my retirement dream.

  2. Dalma Bugg says:

    Thoughts and this precious boy. How tragic it happened at a shelter, but also good thst it did or he might have died from his injuries. Thank the Good Lord for Second Chance Rescue, they are an awesome rescue provider who never leave any dog in need of help if they can possibly provide it. I can imagine the media field day with this story, but so glad that SCR have spoken in defence of the Shelter, as this could happen anywhere if a dog gets loose for some reason and encounters the wrong kennel mate. Thoughts and Prayers for the other dog too thatvit will be examined to find any medical or neurological reason for the attack – much rather that than have it immediately euthanised as happens far too often.

  3. Melissa Gurley says:

    Hoping this beautiful dog recovers and finds a safe loving home. Accidents do happen I don’t believe anyone who works at this shelter wantediluvian this to happen in fact they are probably all very upset over so just keep up the good work and ignore the nasty comments that people who probably don’t even have a pet posted


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