Friendly dog survived horrible neglect, but now she is out of time

Survived horrible neglect and now out of time
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Update 6/2/18: Adopted!

Arrived as a humane case

Missy, a five-year-old pit bull, was taken in at the Los Angeles County Animal Control Downey facility as a “humane case.” Upon intake, Missy showed signs of neglect, including being nothing more than “skin and bones.”

Thriving with the shelter staff’s care

Missy looks like a new dog. No longer skin and bones, she has a shiny coat and she is at a healthy weight. The following information has been provided about this homeless dog:

Missy is a playful, sweet, happy go lucky kind of gal💗 She is beautiful,smart and just a joy to be around💗

Missy loves to play with other dogs in playgroup, she loves butt scratches and she really loves to chill right next to your side🐶

Missy came into the shelters as a humane case ~ she was emaciated, neglected and shut-down but when she realized we were kind & loved her she bloomed into this stunning lovable girl💗

Out of time

Though Missy is thriving at the shelter, she is out of time. Missy has been at the animal control facility since February 23. She has been posted on Petharbor and social media, but as of yet, no one has come forward to offer her a forever home.

How you can help

Missy needs your help! You can give her a hand by networking her adoption information. Petharbor link for Missy here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey at (562) 940-6898
Ask for information about animal ID number A5153244

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  1. Please please–this angel dog has been through enough! Give her as much time as this will take!

    Everyone! Please donate if you can and spread the word so Missy can find her forever home!

    This precious dog deserves the ultimate best!

  2. God only knows California is Strange to say the least::: So you fatten this beautiful Lady who has so much to give TO be EUTHANIZED at the very place that saved he!!! Total Bullshit!!! There are rescues out there for PTSD for returning Vets.. Service dogs are needed for Diabetics, handicapped, and numerous other worthy organizations… For the Sake of saving this dog consider contacting other Rescues, oh I know you guys are totally opposed to Out of STATE RESCUES This is a terrible thing to have to happen to this Lovely Girl… CALL the HUMANE SOCIETY of the UNITED STATES.. They are so great at bringing in dogs from out of the Country!!!

  3. The shelter has done so much for this girl and gave her a new life. Please, someone in that area foster or adopt her. She is now the perfect dog for any family and will give you so much love for providing her with a home.

  4. I had pledged 50.00 for Missy to be Rescued, however MISSY has been ADOPTED! Praying this sweet girl will be safe and loved by her new family, thank you for SAVING MISSY’S PRECIOUS LIFE… 🙂 Thank you PRR for the update on Missy. 🙂


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