French bulldog died on hot tarmac waiting to be loaded at Sydney airport

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A devastated family arrived at the airport in Sydney after Christmas to find out their pet French bulldog had died on the hot tarmac while waiting to be loaded onto a Virgin Australia flight. Kristina and Neil Maccabee had returned from visiting family and always took their dog with them.

“He was our family; he came everywhere with us, every moment shared,” stated Kristina. “We love him more than anything and we are completely devastated.”

According to the Daily Mail, Neil had dropped off the dog named Bruno in the morning at the Townsville airport and was told to leave the dog with the baggage handlers. The staff had been given specific instructions on paperwork about the careful handling of the short snouted dog (brachycephalic) which had been logged in. Before leaving Bruno, Neil made sure to hydrate his dog and asked the handlers to make sure the dog’s water bowl was full for the flight once he was loaded onto the plane.

The owners were shocked as they boarded the plane, and there was Bruno out on the tarmac some 40 minutes later with the outdoor temperatures registering nearly 90 degrees. And when they arrived at the cargo terminal to pick Bruno up, their beloved dog had died. There was no doubt to the couple that Bruno had suffered.

“…he was all sweaty and had been sick and his water container was empty,” stated Kristina.

A necropsy has confirmed that heatstroke was the cause of death. The airline has denied all charges and claim all the time Bruno was on the tarmac, he had been kept in a shaded area and was fully hydrated. The airlines has expressed their sorrow for the passing of Bruno and are investigating.

(Photos of French bulldog and owners via FB and screenshot via Daily Mail)

Rest in peace Bruno.

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The miracle I pray for…

5 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    My heart goes out to these people for the loss of their precious Bruno. When are these airlines going to start being responsible and taking care of these precious dogs? There is NO excuse for this and I hope the Maccabees get some sort of justice for this! I don’t believe the airlines one bit, they dropped the ball on this and need to take responsibility. I am a firm believer that dogs should NEVER fly cargo and when you see something like this, I know I am right. Rest in peace Bruno, and my sincere condolences for your loss.

  2. Mary Ann Clark says:

    The airline is obviously lying and the executives along with everyone else should be given a mandatory prison sentence!

  3. Trish Weems says:

    Fire all those working on that flight and start implementing procedures on how to care for animals on the tarmac…stupid asses who let this happen.

  4. Donna L Hawkins says:

    Please, Please never put your pet in cargo! These people are not trained to handle precious animals! How many times does this have to happen!! So sorry Bruno’s family!


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