Freezing and injured dog rescued

Freezing and injured dog found locked away in cage – charges ensue

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An injured dog, left unattended in a cage outside in freezing weather, has been rescued thanks to a phone call from a concerned neighbor. According to WKBN News, the caller told the authorities that an injured dog, “covered in blood,” was inside of a cage outside on a porch in Warren, Ohio.

The dog

Responding officers found an injured pit bull, named Tinker, locked in a cage, with no access to food or water. The dog was removed and taken to the Animal Welfare League for care. An exam revealed that Tinker was missing some toenails on his paw, but he is expected to recover. Kayley Frost, interim director of the Animal Welfare League, told the news agency, “They were able to suture it up, and I think right now he’s doing pretty well. He is definitely stable.”

It is believed that the dog’s owner went out of town and left him behind in the cage. John Onatz, Warren City animal control officer, expressed gratitude to the good Samaritan who took the time to make a report, “Thank God somebody called it in and we can get the dog its way to good health again.”


The dog’s owner has been identified as Marketa Jackson. She told the authorities that she had “worked a double shift” and then went to spend time with her boyfriend. She is facing charges for her decision. Tinker will remain at the shelter until the court proceedings have wrapped up.

(screenshot via WKBN News)

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