Four-year-old child bitten in face after teasing family dog

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A four-year-old child was bitten in the face after teasing the family’s four-year-old Labrador retriever at a relative’s property in Mount Pleasant, Queensland, Australia.

According to the WeeklyTimesNow, four-year-old Jaxson Reddacliff had been playing with the dog named Halo in the yard when the incident occurred on November 18. Queensland Police responded, but no further action was required. The child’s aunt had been in the yard with the child, and stated Jaxson had been pulling on the dog’s ears and trying to ride the dog when Halo turned around and bit him. The dog had been suffering from a painful ear infection, however had never shown any aggressive behavior in the past.

The aunt also stated Halo is very accustomed to being around small children, including her own blind daughter.

The child needed stitches near his eye, on his cheek and on his lip. Jaxson’s mother stated her son has since been very traumatized by the incident and had been demanding the Mackay Regional Council euthanize Halo. The dog’s owner  fought to keep her dog alive. Melinda Reddacliff, the dog’s owner described her dog as loving and a “beautiful boy.”

After an investigation, the Mackay Regional Council decided Halo would not be euthanized or even declared dangerous.

“In making this consideration, the history of the dog was considered, as was the circumstances around the incident,” stated the regulatory manager Craig Shepherd. “Keeping you dog confined and under effective control will greatly lessen the risks to others and the community.”

Shepherd also warned owners to be careful with their dogs around children, especially if the dog is sleeping, eating or recovering from an illness or injury. Parents are encouraged to teach their children to respect dogs, not tease them and to always make sure youngsters are carefully monitored while with family pets. Never leave a baby or a young child alone with a dog.

Dogs that have been declared dangerous are required to wear muzzles in public, have signs posted, register the dogs as dangerous and have safe enclosures to ensure public safety.

Halo was lucky he wasn’t euthanized because a young child was not properly supervised.

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What a reaction!!

7 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Glad to see there is some sense regarding dog bites. This child was teasing this dog and the dog reacted the only way a dog knows how to stop something from happening to himself. Good he wasn’t euthanized.


    a lot of folks shouldn’t even have kids, as well as dogs. Never let a child tease a dog. the dog had an ear infection, so the kid was pulling on the ears, where the hell was the aunt or parents????? sorry for the kid. Do Not put the dog down.

  3. Betty says:

    Will nothing for nothing I’m glad that the results can down to that .Where the parents should of been watching the child but if it was a pit bull that would of be a sad ending for the Dog

  4. Jan Barnes says:

    How about teaching children how to be loving caring human beings! So many times animals have to pay for the actions of stupid ignorant people! Animals are NOT TOYS!

  5. Graeme says:

    This is the correct decision at least the council got it right this time.

    Earlier in the year I was in the yard with my children and our 14 year old Lab.2 dogs from a neighbouring yard jumped the fence and mauled me and our dog.The police came to help us and I went to hospital for puncture wounds.$1000 worth of vet bills and they saved my poor old dog.The owner of the dogs came and saw me the next day,yes he paid the vet bill but in the very next sentence told me that one of the dogs had attacked before so he was aware that it was dangerous!!!

    The council made an absolute mess of things so much so that the person who worked for the council is no longer there.The person I did speak to told me it was just a shamble and guess what ?

    The council reversed the decision to declare the dog dangerous.So what now ? We sit in fear and my poor kids cant play in their own yard. Can someone please explain this to me as the council cant.

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    Both the “mom” and Little Monster Child need to go to obedience school!!! What the hell pulling the ears and trying to ride an older dog who is not feeling well & THEN wanting the poor fellow put down because he too A STANCE Shame on this So called Mom and her rotten kid!!!


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