Former kennel owner faces allegations of bestiality

Woman faces allegations of bestiality
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A Virginia woman, who used to run a dog kennel, is facing charges for animal cruelty and bestiality. According to multiple sources, 42-year-old Christina Patterson, and her husband, Richard, allegedly engaged in sexual acts with a dog and recorded them.

The business and allegations

The Pattersons owned a dog breeding and training business called Imperial K-9 LLC – ownership of the business was transferred to a third party after Richard Patterson was brought up on gun charges. As reported by WTVR News, Richard Patterson is incarcerated at Western Tidewater Regional Jail on federal charges – his wife, who was arrested late last week, is being held at the same facility on animal cruelty and bestiality charges.

Suffolk County authorities have stated that they have discovered videos which show the couple engaging in sexual acts with a Doberman pinscher – Christina’s attorney has stated that death threats have been made after media coverage of the alleged bestiality.

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  1. Wow… what a pair of interesting people.
    Not really sure why we need people like this breathing precious oxygen.
    To me they would be best suited as target practice for the military.
    And I understand the death threats I also feel they’re justified .

  2. yuk I have a male Doberman, and I would no more think of having sex with him or any other animal. what a sick couple. poor Dobie. what goes through a perverts mind, how sick. ugh!


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