Florida man poisoned, beat, shot and suffocated 3-month-old puppy

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In Defuniak Springs, Florida, police arrested a man who allegedly poisoned, beat, shot and eventually suffocated a three-month-old puppy to death and threw its body in the woods. Roquan Willis, 19, was arrested on Friday night and faces multiple felony animal cruelty charges.

According to a press release by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a complaint about a dead puppy lying on a shower curtain in the woods located near Princess Drive. Willis admitted he had first tried to poison the puppy with chocolate alcohol, and the following morning when the dog was still alive, Willis smashed its head multiple times against a ceramic sink. Again, when that didn’t work, on Thursday he shot the pup eight times in the head with a pellet gun, and finally smothered it to death using a plastic bag over its head.

Willis wrapped the pup in a shower curtain and left its lifeless body in the woods.

Willis remains in jail in lieu of $10,000 bond and has been charged with four counts of felony animal cruelty.

(Photo of suspect who poisoned, beat, shot and suffocated puppy via Walton County Sheriff’s Office)

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  1. I hope he doesn’t get just a slap on the wrist! He needs a long prison term! RIP puppy, you did nothing wrong.

  2. Someone needs to wipe that smirk off his dumb-ass face. If someone did the same to him that he did to that poor puppy I would no problem turning my head. He’s nothing more than a POS punk.

  3. Do the exact same thing to this scum and see if he survives. Die a slow, painful death you sub human maggot! Couldn’t this filth at least have given the pup away or taken it to a shelter and say he found it on the streets? Hope he gets everything that he deserves in spades. Throw the key away and no food or water for him either.

  4. Violence to a baby? This so called man has no innards, no soul, NOTHING. Anyone want him in their life? May that poor pup met us at rainbow bridge for love and kisses and may that sewer scum get what he deserves. We need to watch the courts to make sure Roquan Willis gets his just sentence. This same torturous murder could be repeated if Willis ever has freedom. Please, a heavy labor total incarceration. Prison, not jail. Let him pay for his own incarceration, not the taxpayers. Put him in a cell with Bubba.

  5. What a fucking worthless piece of shit look at his little smug smile I would love to see someone take a machete to his fucking face

  6. Roquan Willis, a 19 yr old cocksucking douche. Listen up you evil little bastard .. one thing is most certain you should not be allowed to live. As far as I’m concerned you fucking ugly ass POS you need to be tortured!!! A slowwwwwwwwwww extremely PAINFUL one at that.

  7. One has to wonder why this POS would do this. Someone should, poison, beat, shoot and suffocate this moron. I don’t think he would have much to smirk about then!

  8. The exact same thing should be done to evil person! He will do it again and judging by that expression on his face he will probably graduate to humans!

  9. For the life if me I can’t understand why animal abuse is not a Felony charge. Most are serial killers or child molesters in the making and studies have proven this. These poor sentient, loving, loyal beings are tortured terribly, they feel pain, confusion and sadness at the abuse of the one they unconditionally love. Please start charging them and sentence to fit these atrocious crimes!!

  10. That Bastard needs to be PUNISHED to the fullest. He cannot get away with this abuse. He knew exactly what he was doing and that poor baby suffered HORRENDOUSLY!!!! Treat him the same way he treated that poor puppy!!!

  11. That hood rat, Roquan Willis is just another example of the garbage being spawned by mothers who need their legs sewn together. She gave birth to something not human – hope she is real proud of the maggot she delivered. This nasty piece of work needs and hopefully, will get a dose of what he gave to an innocent defenseless puppy – some predatory inmates who like abusing newbies and make them their ‘girl’ – and since I am pretty sure Florida justice will do little to nothing to this punk – may a date with an 18 wheeler be in his near future – I’d love to see his diseased ass splattered all over the road.

  12. OMG you know how much the poor little puppy suffer before he died
    Kill the F***ing Bastard
    The courts need to get tufter on assholes like this
    People are going to take in in their own hand soon if this don’t stop


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