Florida man accused of using karate moves on swans

man accused of attacking swans with karate moves
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A Florida man is accused of attacking swans with karate moves. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the attacker, identified as 34-year-old Rocco Joseph Mantella, of Jacksonville, allegedly kicked two swans, “as hard as possible,” in the head and back, on Thursday morning.

A witness told the authorities that the kicks were hard enough to knock the swans over – the same witness also reported that Mantella kicked a sleeping duck. Another witness claims that Mantella laughed after kicking a swan in the face and chasing after more birds to attack.

Mantella was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail – he is facing a charge of animal cruelty. The attacked birds were not found.

(Booking photo)

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  1. What a coward! Beating up swans and a duck? Throw him in jail: stale bread, warm tap water, solitary confinement with no electronics, no visitors, no pillow or blankets, no nothin’!

  2. O WOW – What a big man Rocco Mantella is – he can kick swans and sleeping ducks – what he actually is a fucking punk who attacks defenseless animals because he is too spineless and cowardly to kick anyone his own size – maybe a giant sized inmate will kick his white ass around in jail where he belongs – his actions only prove he is a weak jerkoff with the brain power of a doorknob.

  3. OOhhhh, big tough man….he can kick and ‘whoop’ defenseless birds…. my are you not a tough guy!! What a freaking joke, lock this nut up and never let him go!

  4. What a moron! He hasn’t anything better to do than attack innocent birds like this. What is happening to humanity!

  5. This maggot needs to have his brains removed any way possible. Scum like this will go on to kill elder citizens without any care in the word. Please law enforcement, save us from cretins like this. Whoever saw this should have yelled at him or the very least dial 911.

  6. Another worthless asshole that thinks he’s bad ass with karate. Listen up you POS; I know they sure as shit don’t teach that in any martial arts classes that I’ve ever heard of. Martial arts is for defense .. you cowardly little cocksucker!!!! You think you’re a tough guy .. you prick. I know a few people who’d knock your fucking teeth down your throat ..if they ever saw you doing that. And they know martial arts. As a matter of fact I know one who taught a couple different types of it .. because he had his own school. If it was up to me .. I’d just shoot you between the eyes and end your existence.

  7. One day, Mr Big and Bad is going to hit the wrong man and he is going to get his clock knocked off. I’ll just stand there and laugh. Pay back is a bitch.

  8. I hope this creep loses both hands in a horrific accident and becomes paralyzed! People who hurt intentionally don’t deserve to be on earth using air and water and dirty the environment with their presence!


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