Florida high school teacher accused of drowning raccoons during science class

A  science teacher at Marion County’s Forest Hill High School has been accused of drowning raccoons in a garbage can during an agriculture class. On Tuesday, Dewie Brewton was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

According to Click Orlando, the mother of the student who filmed the disturbing situation stated her son came home crying after having watched the two raccoons and a possum in a metal trap being submerged into the garbage can that had been filled with water. In the video, students can be seen helping to drown the animals.

Reports indicated Brewton, who has been at the school for over a decade, “pinned” the raccoons and caught them in cages before he “had the children drown” them. The animals were held under the water with metal rods as they desperately tried to come up for air, and even then students held the hoses in their faces. In one of the videos, students are shown pouring water into the raccoon’s cage.

“Some students were left with nightmares after the sixth-period agricultural science class,” one student told Channel 9. “My friend said that the class before that, they were putting the water into the buckets…The raccoons did not drown easily. They finally took the cage out of the water, and they trapped it into another smaller cage, where the top of the cage would go down into the water. And that’s how they killed the second one.”

Brewton decided to kill the raccoons because they had eaten chickens the class raised. Students were warned not to report or record the drownings. One student hid behind his classmates and secretly videoed the disturbing experience.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating as well as officials from the Marion County Public Schools.

(Photos and video screenshots of drowning raccoons from Click Orlando and submitted video)

View the video here. 

Warning: Graphic and disturbing

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26 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    This monster is teaching kids how to hate and he’s teaching them animal cruelty. What a jerk!!!!!!!!!!

  2. vicki hood says:

    That teacher must go. Cruelty is never acceptable. The students suffered and the mental anguish of killing another being is not ever to be taught in schools. The school should be sued. The students should be counseled That teacher should lose his credentials.

  3. Diana Rowell says:

    This is f*****g disgusting! As if we don’t have enough psychopaths beating, torturing and killing animals and children. Now we have a f*****g monster “teaching” and encouraging young kids to purposely torture animals while drowning them. To hell with an “investigation”, just draw and quarter this POS immediately!

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    Well All I can SAY is this “TEACHER” is ONE SICK BASTARD!!!! Right now Teachers ALL over the UNITED STATES are CALLING for Raises to Assist THEM in Providing Much NEEDED supplies to give a enhanced learning experience to their Students!!! Well I hope this DEMONIC EVIL POS gets this due>>> A swift KICK out THE DOOR and his TEACHING LICENSE REVOKED for good!!!! What a LEARNING experience he provided his students!!!

  5. Shelly Berchem says:

    FIRE THAT SO-CALLED TEACHER ASAP! LOOK at what he is teaching kids to do, it is NATURAL for one creature to eat another creature that GOD CREATED (ie, chicks were eaten). It is NOT NATURAL for the teacher to teach kids to KILL! Yesterday I was digging up dirt in our yard to fill in open holes from weeds being pulled. I was not pleased with myself for disturbing the worms that were living in the dirt, And their was a lot of worms from the heavy rains. I tried my best to be careful and not kill any worms and tried to re-home them safely into the ground. After my day of digging was done, I saw a bird eating a worm and I know that is NATURAL, that is NATURE. I through the bird organic trail mix, but that bird preferred the worm!!!

  6. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I hope that asshole gets fired and thrown in Prison for this total abuse. There was absolutely NO REASON for him to do this and he has to be charged with this.

  7. Bobbie says:

    This is totally unacceptable & I hope this lowlife excuse for a human being is never able to teach again . He should be put in a cage & submerged in water till he’s dead. These kids could be traumatized for the rest of their lives. Disgusting & the fact that he told them to keep it secret-he knows it was WRONG!!

  8. Gens says:

    This teacher needs to be FIRED immediately, he knew he was WRONG as he told students NOT to report him.ANIMAL ABUSE and possible CHILD ABUSE depending on the age of the kids present. Call the school district to complain.

  9. Red says:

    I do not care what the teachers union or association says this man is a SICK MONSTER and needs to be FIRED….. no severance, no benefits and hopefully NO FREAKING RETIREMENT…… how could any of these students stand there and watch this horrid, despicable, torturous, death of these poor wild animals….. the school MUST TAKE A STANCE AND LET ALL TEACHERS AND STUDENTS KNOW THIS WAS THE ACTS OF A MONSTER!!!!!!!! Not a teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Mary Ann Clark says:

    This monster must be given a long prison term and the students that helped him need to be in a maximum security psychiatric favility for a very long time!

  11. Barkley's Mom says:

    What does this moron think that he is teaching these children? Killing animals should NOT be in ANYONE’s lesson plan! I hope they throw this idiot in jail and take away his teaching credentials, he in NO way be in a classroom with children!

  12. Jen says:

    This is not what the children need to be taught. They need to be taught compassion, respect of life and the circle of life. Yes sometimes it may seem unfair in nature when one must lose its life so another may live but that’s how it works. These living beings lost their life for what… to entertain this very sick in the head “teacher” who doesn’t need to be teaching these children anything. I was apart of a class in high school called the wildlife ambassadors we had a wonderful teacher who taught us the right way to remove problem wildlife. Most will be trapped and released back into the wild away from the area they were caught in but this guy got his jollys off in making these animals suffer. Some children didn’t like it but others may have been started on a dark path. Please get rid of this “teacher” no child needs to be taught by him if these are the lesson he’s going to teach.

  13. Nancy Raymond says:

    And this hunk of sewer sludge is a ‘teacher’?? Hell no, this maggot shit is an animal abuser nothing more. His actions proved it – why weren’t the damn chickens in a secure area – this so called ‘human’ named Dewie Brewton’ is one lousy example of what a teacher should be – to respect all wildlife – he is begging to be fired and the school should make it possible, probable and definite. He is not much of a man, much less a human – stick his lousy ass in a 40 gallon tub, fill it with water and watch his fucking ass float – he deserves no less. If this school does not step up and get rid of him they are promoting and condoning animal cruelty.

  14. Mark says:

    You fucking asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any excuse to kill a raccoon! They don’t eat live chickens…dumb fuck!

  15. Rebecca Murray says:

    I just emailed him. Here is what I wrote: Mr. Brewton:

    I cannot understand such a mind as one who would commit an act of senseless violence, and use is as a ’teaching moment’ for children. Many of these children used to view you as a leader. Now they must ask themselves, ‘what has this man taught me?’ What have you done to these children is unpardonable.

    Rebecca Murray

  16. PattyJarrettC says:

    I believe in an earlier article I read stated that as many as 30 raccoons were drowned. However, this article is saying two. Two are too many, but I’m wondering what is the accurate number

  17. PattyJarrettC says:

    I believe I read in an earlier article that stated as many as 30 raccoons were drowned. However, this article is saying two. Two are too many, but I’m wondering what is the accurate number

  18. Carrie says:

    The judge – Brad King – who let him off attended the high school this happened at. That’s a conflict of interest and this pig should be retried under a new charge with an appropriate judge.

    That being said, you can’t expect much from people living in that area of Florida. They’re all backwards filth regardless of race or creed. Hence why so many filthy little future murderer students participated. They should all be thrown in juvenile detention facilities and the fat pig teacher in prison.


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