Five-week-old tortured puppy making incredible progress

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A five-week-old tortured puppy in Clarkson, Michigan dumped in the bushes of a mobile home park clinging to life and suffering from a fractured skull and brain damage has been making incredible progress. A Good Samaritan found the puppy that had been covered in maggots and quietly whining in agony, contacted a volunteer from Canine Companions Rescue Center – currently caring for the puppy.

The puppy had been dumped in the bushes of a nearby mobile home park on July 24.  A Good Samaritan found the pooch, dubbed Rumble, clinging to life. After being found, Rumble was rushed to a local animal hospital and surprised everyone by making it through the night, which was especially shocking after doctors found that the puppy had a skull fracture from blunt force trauma. Intravenous feeding tubes and 24/7 care kept Rumble comfortable and out of pain, however his physical condition failed to improve.

The pup’s brain damage affected to regulate his body temperature, eat and move around on his own. For over a month, Rumble’s neurological damage prevented his further recovery and rehabilitation. After the rescue took the puppy to an animal neurology center, Rumble continues to make progress.

On Sunday, the adorable puppy’s update brought smiles and accolades to his continuing spunky recovery:

“Rumble Update this little boy is happy to announce that he has been eating on his own for a full week and has gained 2lbs
We are super happy about the weight gain and his increased spunky puppy behavior
Party time for Rumble now includes but not limited to playing with toys, playing with his foster siblings, chewing on anything he can get his puppy mouth on and prancing his little body around to get to his foster mom when he hears her voice
These activities are all wonderful progress for our little boy
We want to thank everyone for sending prayers and positive vibes towards his recovery.”

Police have charged Heather Bradley and Jeremy Atkins, Rumble’s former “guardians” with misdemeanor animal cruelty. They are scheduled to appear in Oakland County District Court on September 17.

If you can provide any more details about the abuse of Rumble contact Oakland County Animal Control at (248) 858-1070.

(Photos of tortured puppy via Canine Companions Rescue Center)

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17 replies
  1. PAMELA D says:

    I have no words to say about the scumbag who did this to this puppy and all animal abusers, except I hope they seriously rot dying in pain very slowly and is thrown in the words left to die. Maybe if these crappy laws took animals more seriously when these abusers do this crap this may stop. Unfortunately, these rotten subhumans never thought about it how would they felt if this happened to them when they were born and too bad it didn’t happen then they wouldn’t be here.

    • Michelle says:

      No the death penalty would be too kind…
      I believe should be the subject of human experimentation or perhaps harvest their organs for other kinder gentle people who need organs, that’s what they need to do with pieces of shit like this.

  2. Gizmos Mommy says:

    I have a handicapped puppy due to abuse from so called human beings who know nothing about being human. She’s made more progress than I ever hoped even though she will never fully recover. Maggots that do shit like that are worthless, rabid organisms. I have no use for them. If they have a heart attack in front of me – they’re going to die while I stand there and watch them struggle. I’m sorry if this sounds mean and it may offend some people but that’s how I feel. I can no longer justify these evil cruel pieces of shit continuing to live while they kill innocent creatures.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    I APPLOD the Rescue Group that took on and ( CONTINUED ) even when the outcome appeared to be Dismal… .. Just Look at this beautiful Little Guy now!!! I hope this Rescue will keep and use RUMBLE as an EXAMPLE and A TEACHING Dog for Schools, Service Organizations, Town Halls, Law Enforcement Agencies… as for the Cruel PUKES that CAUSED The horrific injuries to this little guy… COME on .. they will WALK OUT of COURT Laughing their (more than likely drug induced head’s off at what a bunch of fools they made of THE COURT SYSTEM) shame on YOU!!!

  4. Adrienne says:

    This should be a felony because their intent was for this pup to die. If these vile monsters didn’t want this pup anymore, take it to a shelter and say you found the dog on the road. Someone would have adopted Rumble quickly I’m sure. Now these morons face criminal charges and I hope they are forced to pay for Rumble’s medical care.

  5. Denise Moore says:

    My heart breaks daily for these innocent little souls, get well baby furkid. This should be a felony without doubt its a baby animal do the right thing charge these heathens with felonies

  6. Pamela D says:

    Just torture the rotten low life POS. I wish I can bash their fucking brains outside their head. It just makes me so sick to know what these fucked up assholes can think of. Hope they all slowly rot with cancer.

  7. Michelle says:

    I can’t believe there aren’t harsher punishment for the abuse and neglect of these precious animals. What about misdemeanor charges, that makes me sick! This whole story makes me sick!! I hope and pray that all animal abusers burn in hell!! I hope you rotten low life cruel hearted bastards suffer the worst pain and torture possible for the rest of your sorry miserable low lifes. Any human that would hurt a poor little precious animal like that is a no good rotten pile of shit and they deserve to be tortured to death. I don’t understand why the law isn’t harsher for idiots like this. Maybe this crap would stop.

  8. Bev Woodburn says:

    Hang in there precious Rumble and survive so you can live out your precious life in a forever loving family.
    The animal torturing psychopathic depraved pea size brain monster/s who committed this deliberate torture and suffering against precious Rumble, suffers the vilest of agonising deaths possible. Which the monster/s deserve. Go to hell you vile and evil monster/s and suffer in agony for an eternity in hell.

  9. Bev Woodburn says:

    And also many thanks to Rumbles Good Samaritan who found Rumbles and took this precious little fella to the Canine Companions Rescue Center and every one else involved with the care of this beautiful and loving puppy Rumbles. Hang in there Rumbles and fight to survive so you can live out your precious life with a forever loving family. Bless you little fella.

  10. Bev Woodburn says:

    These pair of lowlife psychopathic depraved pea size brain animal torturing monsters Heather Bradley and Jeremy Atkins who were Rumble’s former “guardians” must be put to death by the same unimaginable torture and suffering these pos committed against such an innocent and helpless puppy named Rumble.
    These evil and vile monster have been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty. That is not enough the death penalty must be there end. Kill these vile and evil animal torturing monsters and eradicate this filth from our planet earth.


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