Five Aussie shepherd puppies covered in filth found with broken legs

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In Amarillo, Texas, a Good Samaritan found five Aussie shepherd puppies covered in filth.  All of the puppies suffer multiple breaks in their back legs, and one has a compound fracture which will require surgery.

The woman who found the puppies on Friday, near Rose Drive close to the park, brought them to the Canyon Road Pet Hospital. NewsChannel10 reports the attending veterinarian, Dr. Janice Wolf has never seen a case like this during her 45 years of practice.

“This one right here has both her back legs broken [white one]. This one is broken right here, and this one has actually a nasty wound on the inside where the leg is broken,” stated Dr. Wolf. “There is a possibility maybe the mother dog could’ve done it. They could have fallen, they could have become entrapped in something that snapped their legs. We just don’t know. There’s no way of knowing for sure what happened to these puppies to cause this.”

Oddly enough, besides their broken legs, the puppies are healthy, and everyone is hoping this is not a case of animal cruelty. Once their legs are splinted and healed, Lost Pets of Amarillo has offered to place them in foster homes and be placed for adoption when ready.

The surgical procedures for the Australian shepherd mixes is estimated to cost $800, and then there will be aftercare for the little ones. Donations can be made by calling the Canyon Road Pet Hospital at 806.359.9465.

(Photos via Facebook Teresa Montes)

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10 replies
  1. Denise Moore says:

    Logic tells you the mother dog didn’t break their legs but someone did and where is the mother dog? The community knows where the mother dog is. I sure hope someone comes forward with information…Hoping the puppies will heal and find furever loving homes

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    I am So Very Thankful that there was Even a Rescue Group that would take these little guys… what sweet little beauties !!! I Just can’t get OVER HOW what a Brutal, Cruel, and Neglectful, State Texas is… I have only been to San Antanio :; and I thought it was such a nice, friendly, beautiful , Little City… I flew in and was there at the River Walk. I would Never want to set foot down in that Total Hell Hole Again… I hope this rescue will help these little ones heal, and find a Home that Will Treat them as They are the most precious thing there is… WHY because they ARE!!!


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