Fans outraged as abused bear forced to blow a horn during Russia World Cup

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Video footage of a bear blowing a vuvuzela (plastic horn) while being driven around in Moscow in a jeep after a Russia World Cup victory has outraged fans with many referring to the deed as both dangerous and inhumane.

According to the Daily Mail, the animal is thought to be the same bear forced to perform at a Russian football match earlier in the year. The bear was trained to hand the ball to a referee and then made to clap as the match started. He was muzzled while his handler forced him to stand on his hind legs. Planners had promised the bear would no longer be used as social outrage intensified.

And then again. In the latest video, people can be seen taking “selfies” with the bear after Russia defeated Saudi Arabia by 5-0. The bear is believed to be a circus bear named Tima. The bear is also shown making a gesture to the crowd resembling the “quenelle” which is associated with antisemitism.

The sight of the bear riding in the car evoked rage on Twitter:

“World is going backwards fast if folk find this entertaining.”

“Hope it mauls the cruel and senseless human beings.”

“Breaks my heart. How people can stand and laugh is beyond me. The amount of abuse that bear has lived through makes me feel sick.”

Ironically the bear is a symbol of Russia and it had been thought there would be some national pride as to how this animal should be treated.

Check out the video:

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    • Marni Montanez: While I applaud your desire to send emails protesting this, it will do NO good. These are Russians, they are nothing but lying, sadistic scum. These are the SAME people who will KILL their own family members for disagreeing with that sub-human monster Putin. Putin is a disgusting maggot and I pray that God inspires and opens the way for someone to shoot this ugly bastard in the head. Period!

  1. WTF??? Why can’t people just leave this bear or any other bear alone??? Poor poor bear!! My prayers go out to him! People that try 2 train bears make me sick!

  2. Stupid Russians and one day that poor bear will get free and go after someone and maul them, then he will be killed. Such abuse should not be tolerated by animal rights groups in Russia and hope they can stop this moving forward.

  3. there are cruel people the world over, it has to stop. this poor bear should be in the wild. Not for the entertainment of idiots.

  4. To treat any animal like a damn clown is so cruel – you can be well assured this poor bear was beaten into submission to perform this ridiculous stunt – I hope those in Russia who were upset at seeing this cruelty do not stop protesting loudly – NO animal should be treated like this – it is beyond pitiful to make such majestic animal be turned into a joke. Those who are responsible for this will hopefully find their demise under the wheels of an 18 wheeler – they deserve it.


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