Family’s purchased puppy turns out to be something unexpected

Purchased puppy not what family thought he was
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A family’s purchased puppy turned out to be something much different than they expected – a bear! According to the Metro, a family in China thought that they were purchasing a Tibetan Mastiff puppy in 2016, but the truth about their purchase came out after the “puppy” kept growing to 250 pounds, and began walking upright on two legs.

The “puppy’s” owner, Ms. Yun, told China News, ‘The more he grew, the more like a bear he looked.’ After the bear’s family learned the truth, they turned their pet over to the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Centre.

The cases of mistaken pet identity seem to be somewhat frequent in China…recently, another family acknowledged that their pet store puppy purchase was also misleading. A woman identified as Ms. Wang found out that the cute little white puppy she had been raising was actually a fox. After she learned what her pet actually was, she turned the fox over to a zoo.


(Image of bear cub via Wikipedia free commons)

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  1. Are the Chinese so money hungry that they will sell wild animals as puppies? Good grief, the stories from that country keep getting more and more bazaar!

  2. We all know that China has no consideration for animals in any way, shape or form and this is just another example of the greed and inconsideration of this country. They steal animals from the wild, pass them off as domestic animals to unsuspecting people and could care less what the outcome is. This bear cub in no way looks like a dog and now its future is most likely in one of China’s horrific neglectful so called ‘zoos’ where it will be treated like trash. China is one despicable country.


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