Family’s pit bull a hero – saving them from carbon monoxide poisoning

Family's pit bull is a hero
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A family in Lakeview, New York, is calling their pit bull a hero after she saved them from carbon monoxide poisoning. According to WIVB News, it was Thursday night when Ruby uncharacteristically started barking…and she wouldn’t stop.

Ruby’s owner, Ronene Ando, told WIVB, “Typically she only barks for one reason, and that’s if someone is at the door.” The incessant barking was enough for Ando and her husband to investigate – sure enough, there was a problem.

A propane heater recently placed in the basement turned out to be the source of the problem – thanks to Ruby, a well trained (and obviously intuitive!) therapy dog, a crisis was avoided. Ando said, “Probably if it weren’t for Ruby, I can’t say, I don’t know. Dogs are typically intuitive. I believe that breed is even more so with all the research I’ve done, and I think that was it hands down.”

 Good girl Ruby!

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  2. To all those who are under the false impression that pit bulls are dangerous, here is a prime example of what a loyal wonderful breed they really are. Loyal, loving and faithful companions. Humans are the ONLY dangerous species.


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