Horses died in devastating barn fire

Family’s horses died in devastating barn fire

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A devastating barn fire in Kent, Washington, has resulted in the death of several horses. According to the Kent Reporter, seven horses perished on Monday morning when the fire broke out at a barn in the 12900 block of SE 203rd Place.

The heartbreak

Firefighters responded to the blaze within minutes, but it was too late…the barn was fully engulfed in flames and the horses trapped inside couldn’t be saved. The horses belonged to Ivonne Velazquez’s family – she told KOMO News, “That’s what hurts the most. The horses. We couldn’t get them out. My dad couldn’t get them out and he tried.”

Another family member stated that the horses could be heard “banging” against their stall doors…then there was nothing more than silence.

The horses who died

The family is devastated over the loss of their horses – horses who they considered to be family. The horses participated in rodeo-style competitions, traveling with their owners to various events in California and the Pacific Northwest.

There was so much damage to the barn that investigators have been unable to determine the cause.


A video shows some of the family’s horses competing in various events:

(Image screenshot via KOMO News)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Sympathy ONLY for the horses! None for the owners who USED and EXPLOITED them! Did they do EVERYTHING in their power to protect them?
    Only GOD knows and His angel horses!


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