Family’s dog found dead under doggy daycare pool

dog died under pool at doggy daycare
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A family in Olathe, Kansas, is grappling with the unexpected and tragic death of their beloved dog who was recently found dead beneath a pool at a doggy daycare facility. According to KCTV 5 News, Douglas, a Goldendoodle, was left at Fetchers Play and Stay because his owners wanted him to have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs.

What happened to Douglas?

On the day of the tragic incident, Douglas’ owners went to pick up their pup from the doggy daycare facility – in times past, there was no issue. But on this particular day, the staff couldn’t find Doug. Doug’s human dad, who has chosen not to be identified, told the news agency:

“They couldn’t find him. They looked all over for him. Someone decided to lift up the pool and when they lifted up the pool, unfortunately, he was underneath of it dead. He laid there undetected for four to four and a half hours.”

The tragic accident

A plastic pool apparently flipped over on top of Doug and other dogs jumped on top of it – the trapped dog, who was beneath the pool for several hours, died. For hours, nobody noticed that Douglas was missing…

Doug’s family tried their best

Doug’s family did what you are supposed to do when choosing a doggy daycare – they visited several facilities in person before making their choice. The facility where Doug died has taken responsibility for the fatal mistake. Staff, which is said to be grieving and heartbroken over the dog’s death, plans to improve training and put better safeguards in place.

(Family photo via KCTV 5 News)

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    • Unfortunately because a dog is considered property, spending the money to sue over property results in cost of property paid out. Doug was a rescue so it would definitely cost more to sue and the backlash in the media has definitely done the necessary damage you seek.

  1. They should institute a program that the dogs in their care should be supervised at ALL TIMES! What if a fight had broken out, a multitude of other things could happen too! It sounds like they aren’t aware of things that could happen. RIP Douglas, Fetchers Play and Stay failed you and should be sued!

  2. Unbelievable !! They did not see that the pool was turned over of if they did, they left it like that? Probably even saw the dogs jumping on it too. They could have easily saved this poor dog from dying and were irresponsible with their care of these animals.They should have had a head count of the dogs every 30-60 minutes to make sure all were accounted for and ok, especially in this heat. I would rather figure out my own way of socializing my dog with others than to take them to any doggie playground. This goes for big as well as small dogs.

  3. It should be the responsibility of any person or facility to keep an EYE ON THEIR pets!! They should be doing every 1/2 hour checks to see where all pets are at. This is horribly unacceptable. Hopefully this place will be held liable for this!

  4. This is heartbreaking, his family wanted him to have playmates but to what end? Something like this should never happen if the dogs these people are in charge of are being supervised properly. Rest in peace Doug, I’m so sorry your life ended this way.

  5. If Douglas happened to be my dog, there would be a MASSIVE lawsuit, and FETCHER’S PLAY AND DIE wouldn’t be in business for too much longer!

    • That was a very heated response… A lawsuit whether MASSIVE or regular wouldn’t result in much given dogs are considered property. The monetary side of things paid out would likely be very minuscule as I believe it was a rescue. It does look like Fetchers took a solid hit in the media and have eliminated the potential for such a failure again. It’s weird to me that the dog wasn’t crying for 4 hours…. considering all customers can view their pets online during business hours and you can tell employees are constantly walking the yards… it seems like something is missing. But saying things like PLAY AND DIE and MASSIVE lawsuit just sound crass and emotional charged.

  6. This “so called “Doggie-Day-care” would NO longer be in Business!!!!!! EVER!!!! DOUG didn’t deserve to have this horrific type of DEATH!!!


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