Family surrenders 5-year-old German shepherd for ‘barking’

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It was a very sad day on Saturday for five-year-old German Shepherd Frieda. She obediently walked in on a leash to the North Central Shelter in California and waited patiently while her owners filled out the surrender forms; obviously not understanding that she was no longer regarded as part of the family. A volunteer told Frieda’s heartbreaking story.

“…Owners just gave her up today … for BARKING?? Neighbors complaining. Lamest excuse ever. She’s a good dog and didn’t do anything wrong.”

Check out Frieda’s video:

Moments later she was led away by shelter personnel. Frieda was so confused and while walking through the kennel aisle, she kept her tail between her legs, but followed obediently. In the end, Frieda sat pressed tightly against her cage looking for her owners.

One can only wonder if her family ever looked back?

Please help Frieda by sharing her plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photos and video of dog turned in for barking Facebook Tashia Kallies)

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  1. I would have looked for a dog trainer before I would think of ever giving up my dog. At least look into alternatives there are anti-bark collars you can buy that BUZZZZ when they back or the ones that spray citronella. Where they just leaving this poor GS outside all the time? It was barking out of boredom and it probably wanted to inside with her family. GS are clingy and like to be near YOU all the time. I see that in my dog she has a little GS in her and she follows me everywhere! I mean everywhere I can’t go to the bathroom without her wanting to be in the bathroom with me. I know other people here know what I am talking about they have dogs that do that.
    I just hope a rescue for GS come in for her and find her a good forever home!

  2. Frieda barked??? what???? They gave her up instead of simply rehabilitating her and teaching her not to bark????????? They could have looked online and there are so many trainers that they could have watched. Oh please. A dog barked so we gave her up!!!!!!. How absolutely dumb!!!!!!!!

    • I agree with you. I am from Chicago, community is dog world, they bark 24-7, no one complains, nor has summoned the police. Shame on the owners and their entitled neighbors!
      I think the mindset is ill.

  3. The saddest part of all this is any time these dogs are in California they can’t be adopted out of state which is totally ridiculous

  4. Dogs who are not bored do not bark excessively. I’ll bet they didn’t give her adequate attention and activities in the first place. If they gave her up for barking, that shows they weren’t willing to put any effort into giving her a happy existence in the first place.

  5. Just like others have said, they could have found a trainer, and they have many websites where trainers show you online step by step how to stop your dog from barking constantly. Was Frieda outside all the time? If so, she was bored and responding to other dogs or very possibly to her so called owners to let her back in. How sad to dump your dog for such a stupid reason. Go to a pet store and ask what type of collars,etc., that would stop a dog from constantly barking. Disposable country to give up such a beautiful dog for a sh—- reason. Hope Frieda finds a true loving family or GS rescue where her life will blossom.

  6. Put their name on a National Registry….they are TOO STUPID to own a pet!!!! May Karma find this owner and make them feel real fright and abandonment!!!

  7. So sad that’s what dogs do and even sadder owners will probably go out and get another dog and dump that one too so sick of people dumping dogs cause they don’t act the way the want them too they are not a toy you throw away after your done playing with them I will pray this beautiful dogs finds a safe loving home really soon this poor dog did nothing wrong but love them he’s so scared heart breaking

      • I literally was just reading the dog story I called my wife and said we had to adopt her she’s a beautiful dog since I can’t have this one I’m going to get another German Shepherd my wife won’t know the difference

        Thank you for the people who adopted this Beautiful puppy you have a good heart

    • Glad to hear that! She’s a beautiful dog, god bless ths dog will live happily forever w the kind owner with lots of loves.

  8. Another idiot family who dumps a dog for ‘barking’ – that is what dogs do – and these fools obviously never bothered to train this poor dog – maybe when their house gets broken into while they are sleeping they would wish they never dumped their dog – that would be a great lesion – some people have no heart, no soul and no brains – this stupid family is a prime example. Hopefully, there is someone with a good heart and fully functional brain who will adopt this beautiful dog.

    • If a dog not barking, t human owner must not talk. God bless ths beautiful dog b adopt by kind human n love forever!

  9. A prime example of why bark softening should be allowed.. The very quick procedure that would have allowed this dog to stay in its home. The very same procedure, performed by a vet under light anesthesia, that a certain ideology goes into hysterics about. Now before get wadded, please show me ONE verified, documented case of the claimed pipe down the throat . One. Not just because so and so said so. Common sense tells one that due to the large number of blood vessels present, the dog would bleed to death if it were attempted. Think about this. How would the dog stay still enough to have a pipe shoved down its throat.
    THINK for crying out loud. Quit being so gullible at being suckered into emotion inducing LIES!

  10. A prime example of why bark softening should be allowed. That would have allowed this dog to stay in the home. Instead, complaining neighbors which would have probably resulted in fines and surrender any way. Now, before the panties get wadded, look up bark softening instead of gong into immediate hysterics about a pipe being shoved down the throat. Common sense should tell one that in the first place trying to ram a pipe down a dogs throat is not a very smarty idea, unless one is interesting in getting chomped on big time. Second, common sense should tell one that due to the large number of blood vessels, the dog would bleed to death.

    Read for yourself instead of being so gullible and easily duped. Also do your own research by doing an internet search of bark softening.

  11. 7-22-18 Update

    Frieda was ADOPTED today! Amazing!
    Thank you everyone for caring about her and sharing! We CAN save them all. All you guys are awesome!!

    • I am so glad I read this update last, I was seriously wondering why some people even consider having pets. My wife and I love our furry pets and can’t understand the things we read..Happy Day Frieda!!!!!

  12. This dog needs a home that will give her more attention. As to the barking…I know how annoying a barking dog can be after having a dog that barked 24/7 next door FOR YEARS! The neighbors must have been deaf. I wanted to kill them all! I think a home that interacts with Frieda and makes her a part of the family is just the ticket.


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