Family seeks answers following fatal shooting of dog who was inside of fence

Dog shot in fenced yard
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A Minnesota family is seeking answers after someone fatally shot their beloved dog, who was inside of a fenced yard in Plymouth. According to KARE 11 News, someone shot the Docken family’s Springer spaniel, Porter, on Wednesday afternoon – the pellet lodged near the dog’s heart and he died as a result.

Porter was almost six years of age – in fact, his birthday would have been this coming Monday if his life hadn’t been cruelly cut short. Porter’s owner, Sarah, was home when the crime took place – she heard her dog yelp and immediately called him in, but the damage was already done. Porter was rushed to a veterinarian for help, but he lost too much blood to be saved.

The shooting has been reported to the Plymouth Police Department and the family is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for ending Porter’s life.

Find a GoFundMe set up on Porter’s behalf here.

(Image via GoFundMe)

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  1. Who does target practice with a pellet gun? I suspect that a kid did this and when he hit the dog, he ran the other way not knowing that he killed this dog. If that person hears that this dog died because of a pellet gun, then he should come forward and do the right thing and admit what he did. Wonder if he has pets and how he would feel if the same was done to his dog. So many people just do without thinking of the consequences until it is too late. Our country has more and more people who just never think of the harm they could cause.

  2. This is heartbreaking, my condolences to this family for their tragic loss of Porter. May he rest in peace and may the family find who did this and get some justice for their loss. Why does this have to happen?

  3. So sorry for your loss I would bet it was a neighborhood kid I pray you find out who did this to porter and they are punished to the fullest extend

    • Amen! J Martin I’m on your team! My thoughts exactly. Eye for eye justice is the only thing that will work in this country. They deserve what they do to their victims. NO MERCY!

      • You said it!!!!! Unless you are talking about a toddler (or someone @ that intellectual level), everyone understands the concept of “right and wrong”…… killing an innocent being (human or animal in its own home) is WRONG…… our laws should be enforced (& if enough examples are made of lawbreakers), perhaps better treatment of people and animals will be the result…….

        Porter, I know you are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and he will welcome you into his “snuggle buddies club”!!!!!!!!! May you RIP among his loving friends…..

  4. I it pretty DAMN SAD when we can’t have our dog out in a secure and fenced yard to enjoy the fresh air, sun and elements, THIS Bull Crap could have very well happened while the owner was sitting right there too… The family needs to place the photo and what happened on the front page of the local paper and a reward… Maybe a parent in the area whose child has a new pellet gun… may start to wonder Just what the Hell their kid was aiming AT!!!


  6. Ah, the NRA strikes again. People buy guns because they want to kill animals: human & others. Please don’t pretend otherwise.

  7. Probably a kid, but age isn’t important: the fact that the bastard decided to use his ‘toy’ to take a life with absolutely no regard for what he was doing is. No sympathy for the scumbag here. The parents of the beast are to blame as well for not teaching their monster better, and THEY must also be held accountable. Put this vermin in jail for as long as it’s possible to do so, and if there’s a way to punish the kid’s parents, then do it.

  8. I hope they find out who did this!! If it is a punk….. then hold his parents responsible!! This is horrible, this poor baby was in his own yard, and should not have been hurt in his own yard!!! I hope you find the monster responsible for this murder!


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