Dog missing after fatality

Family searching for dog who vanished after fatal car accident

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The family of a woman who died in a car wreck in Eatonville, Washington, is searching for her missing dog. According to KOMO News, Dakota stayed with his owner, Diana Hays, until she passed away, but ultimately ran away in fear from the sirens and lights.

The accident

Hays was a passenger in the SUV that crashed on Highway 7 at 453rd Street East on Sunday evening. Dakota, 10, is believed to have bolted into the nearby woods. Dakota is described as friendly and gentle – he is most likely scared and skittish following the fatality.

A family is grieving for the woman who died

Hays’ family and friends are hopeful that Dakota will be found. Madessa Warren, a family friend, told KOMO:

“This is the last extension of her life and we would love to bring some hope or just any sense of relief to our family, and we are going to find him,”

A Facebook page has been set up to help track leads and coordinate searches of the area. Find the page here.

Dog missing after car accident

A recent post requests that potential sightings be photographed if possible:

Dear Help Find Dakota community. If you happen to possibly see a dog that might look like Dakota PLEASE attempt to take a picture! The leads are wonderful! It’s just difficult with the lack of funds and resources to travel to these locations if the dog may be Dakota!

If you believe that you have seen Dakota, please call Teri Chapman-Avis at 253-250-7005.

More news and updates on the National Animal News Facebook page.

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5 replies
  1. Luana Duncan says:

    OMG! I hope Dakota will b found! I live in WA State, but no where near Eationville. They should search where the accident took place! Good luck! And my prayers will be with U folks!

  2. Adrienne says:

    They need to put her owner’s clothes where the accident was with a strong scent of the woman as well as pitch some type of tent for the dog to rest in. Maybe even a kennel that has food inside and will close when Dakota gets inside. Don’t know the area so not sure if other animals would take the food or hurt Dakota. Prayers for Dakota

  3. Amanda Phillips says:

    Please DO NOT contact Teri as she is NOT THE MAIN POINT OF CONTACT. Please contact MADESSA WARREN at 253-282-6270.


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