Family dog found hanged to death inside pet grooming van

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A family is trying their best to cope with the death of their dog found hanged inside of a pet grooming van in Phoenix, Arizona. Sean and Amanda Wohland had hired a pet groomer from Roaming Rovers on Wednesday to bathe and trim their precious dog Max. Four hours later, Max was dead.

According to AZFamily, Amanda was told it would take a few hours to groom Max, but after four hours she became worried and went over to the van to peek inside – expecting of course to see her beloved dog ready to jump into her arms. Instead Amanda and her children were shocked.

“We looked in the van and the dog was hanging by its neck off the table. You could tell it was dead,” Amanda stated. “My daughter is 13. Her pet she’s had her whole life, dangling from a rope like a movie,” Amanda’s husband added. “How do you get that out of your head? How do you recover from that as a 13-year-old girl?”

The family banged on the door of the van, but no one answered. When they called police, who were able to break into the locked vehicle, they found the pet groomer passed out on the floor who acted incoherent and was unable to explain what had happened.

An investigation is currently underway. That pet groomer has been fired and could face animal cruelty charges. The owner of the grooming company was unable to comment because of the pending investigation. Let’s hope little Max gets some justice.

(Photos of Max hanged to death in pet grooming van screenshots via family submitted photos on AZ Family)

Rest in peace little guy.

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  1. Groomer was on drugs – no ifs, ands, or buts. DRUGS =- another addict and another innocent victim. When we lived in Scottsdale AZ we had a bug exterminated come to the house to spray. At first encounter, he was fine, but the longer he was on the property, he changed. He was using Meth and started showing signs. We thankfully did NOT have anyone die while he was on the property – R.I.P. sweet beautiful girl – we will all meet again over the rainbow bridge. 🙁

  2. I hope they don’t find out the groomer was on drugs. Tying a dog up by it’s neck should only be done if the dog is on the ground. They need to change that. My heart goes out to the family and the little sweet dog.

  3. This drug-addled animal torturer & abuser hasn’t been charged yet? Let’s hang him and sue the company for not doing its due diligence! Poor sweet dog!

  4. Everyone’s assuming it was drugs, and it might very well have been, but it COULD have been a seizure which would also have left the groomer incoherent on the floor!

    Before you assume the worse, maybe you should wait for the investigation to be over. I’ve known people who’ve suffered from seizures (I have a form of them myself). This could have been a medical problem and not drug induced.

    • If the groomer was known to have seizures (yes, I realize this could have been a first time), he/she should never be alone with a dog tied on a groomer’s table. He/she should have an assistant. RIP Max. No matter how it happened, you didn’t deserve to die.

  5. So what was wrong with the groomer? Was this a medical emergency or drug overdose? I feel for this poor family, and this sort of thing seems to be happening too often! I hope this family is able to get some justice for their loss of Max, No one should ever lose a dog like this!


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