Family devastated after finding their dog ‘Hutch’ brutally tortured

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A family living in Mountrath, Ireland are devastated after finding Hutch brutally tortured just a few days ago. The 12-year-old friendly dog mysteriously disappeared out of his yard, and in an act of unfathomable cruelty was found on Sunday morning nailed to a tree and wrapped in wire.

“Hutch was found on Sunday morning 29/01/18 nailed to a tree and wrapped in wire on the riverbank in Mountrath between the quakers (sic) graveyard and Rushin Road. He had been there for some time. Hutch’s family are distraught,  he was a beloved family pet who was missing for a few days but he was so badly injured that he had to go to eternal sleep. He slipped away in the loving arms of the lady who found him with her teardrops falling on his head and being snuggled by her dog who sensed something was wrong and was comforting him. Thank you so much to the kind couple who cut him down, called the vet and stayed with him and comforted him in his last moments.”

According to the LeinsterExpressNews, the dog’s legs had been broken as well as having sustained other injuries. Hutch belonged to Elaine and John Kingston, and the family has no idea why anyone would want to harm their gentle dog.

“It is completely horrible beyond words, none of us are eating or sleeping properly we are all so upset and sick,” Elaine told the Leinster News. “We are afraid in our house. There is no reason why they attacked and killed our dog; he was such a pet and he never left the back door. We had him 12 and a half years, his back legs were starting to go we were giving him Cod Liver Oil and everything. He had such a lovely life and then suffered this horrible death.”

The family can not figure out how someone could have lured him or taken him out of the yard; Hutch had been very loyal to his home and was too old to go wandering – so how did someone take the heavy and strong dog away? The entire community is extremely upset and fear for the safety of their own pets.

“The vet said he had never seen such animal cruelty before,” Elaine added. “We are just hoping and hoping that the people who did this are convicted for their serious crime.”

Thus far a $3,500 has been raised on a GoFundMe account as a reward for anyone who comes forward with information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible.

“We can absolutely confirm that Hutch was not caught in a snare and that this was an act of wanton cruelty! The person who did this is living in our town, the entire community of Mountrath is incensed at this outrageous cruelty. Our aim is that Hutch’s torturers will be brought to justice and that something good for the community will come out of this shocking act.”

Anyone with information is asked to notify the police in Portlaoise or Abbeyleix. A Facebook page, Justice for Hutch has been created to advocate for more stringent legislation addressing animal cruelty in Ireland.

(Photos of Hutch via Facebook.)

Rest in peace sweet dog.


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  1. I’m so fucking fed up with the EVIL, HEARTLESS COCKSUCKERS who inhabit this world. Catch the bastards (do NOT give a SHIT how old they are) and TORTURE them on live TV. Until they cease to breath!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I pray the monster or monsters who did this are caught. Please Lord shine your light on this person so that they are discovered. I pray for justice for this dog in Jesus’ name

  3. Whoever did this needs to be found alright, and given their own vile treatment, every single bit of it! Only a monster could do something like this, so there should be no qualms about hurting anyone human.

  4. I want the humans responsible for this act of depravity tortured and then nailed to trees until they die! This is the only punishment that fits this crime!

  5. I am so sorry this horrific thing happened to your sweet dog!! You have a very sick individual or individuals in your area !! I hope persistence pays if to get the bastards!!

  6. The POS who did this senseless act needs the same thing done to them! Wrap them in barbed wire, nail them to a tree with a nail gun and then a bullet to the brain! Scum like that don’t deserve to live!

  7. My condolences to the Kingston family, I can’t imagine this horror! I hope and pray they find the low down scum that did this to their precious Hutch. There is no punishment harsh enough but I hope they can get some justice!

  8. ???????? HEARTBREAKING AND HORRIFIC!!!???????? Please locate the evil monster that horrifically abused this poor innocent dog. That dangerous despicable scumbag must be prosecuted to the maximum extent! This poor innocent dog suffered agonizing pain, horrible torture, despicable abuse, cruel terror, and profound betrayal! My heart bleeds for the excruciating pain and fear this precious dog suffered! Rest In Peace, Precious Pup. You are now in the tender loving care of Jesus. Play and with with the Angels in Heaven’s soft fluffy clouds. You are loved, Precious Angel. I’m praying for your deserved justice and that dangerous evil monster is severely punished!!! RIP and God Bless you, Sweet Angel ♥️????????????????????????????????????????????????????♥️

  9. Hey Karma……….here is a job for you!! Find the worthless excuse for a human who tortured and murdered this beloved pet. Make them feel the pain they inflicted on this sweet animal.
    RIP sweet Hutch until your family meet you at Rainbow Bridge.

  10. Heartbreaking to lose a pet under any circumstances but devastating and sickening to find your beloved companion had been tortured. So sorry for your loss.

  11. It’s shocking to realize how evil some monsters are. My heart aches for this little dogs suffering. May the monster that hurt him be found and jailed. No one is safe while “it” walks free. RIP sweet beloved Hutch.

  12. Someone KNOWS who did this to Hutch – PLEASE turn them in OR nail their useless ass to a tree and leave them – this is what they truly deserve – to treat an innocent helpless dog so cruelly deserves the worst possible punishment – jail is to easy – give them a dose of their own medicine –

  13. RIP Hutch. I’m sorry you suffered so horribly. I hope they find the POS who did this – and do the exact thing to him. An eye for an eye.


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