Friendly dog at risk of being put down

Exceptionally friendly pup on ‘the list’ to be put down – help urgently needed

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An exceptionally friendly young dog is on the dreaded “list” to be put down later this month. The collie mix, named Penelope, is being held at Corpus Christi Animal Care Services in Texas. On Thursday, within the past hour, the Facebook page, Focus on Furever, posted a video of sweet Penelope and wrote:

Scheduled for Euthanasia 7/28/2018


Female, collie mix, 34 pounds, Heartworm negative

Adopt this friendly pup

The video reveals that Penelope loves people! She should be with an adoring family right now, sharing her love and receiving it too. Instead she is locked away – hoping against hope that someone will be interested enough to give her a forever home.

Imagine her romping through a grassy field, chasing a ball, or snuggled up on a couch next to her person. If Penelope could talk, she would tell you that these are things that she longs to do – unfortunately her fate is completely out of her control.

Interested in helping?

Are you interested in helping this friendly girl? Even if you don’t live in Texas, you can lend her a hand by networking this article to your social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest). The more people who see Penelope, the better her odds are of finding a forever home.

Anyone interested in helping is asked to email:

Video of friendly young dog

See for yourself just how friendly sweet Penelope is:

Penelope A301249

Penelope A301249Intake Date: 7/17/2018Found: 7901 Williams Dr. Female, collie mix, 34 pounds, Heartworm negative Located at Corpus Christi Animal Care Services Email

Posted by Focus on Furever on Thursday, July 19, 2018


10 replies
  1. ACE says:

    How Awful, just awful that this lovely pup would be killed just because no on can give her a home. COME ON TEXAS surely one of you millions can find a place for her, if not then all the other sates.

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    I wish I were in Texas instead of Northern California…….

    I truly hope she can be rehomed in time……

  3. Adrienne says:

    Texas as well as other southern states need to network more with other states that may not have such a large stray population. I live in an area in NY where there are shelters who take some dogs from Alabama and Illinois. Needs to be more interacting of shelters with other shelters in this country so these animals can have a better chance of finding a home. A pup like this must not be killed and the states need to step up and figure out a better way to deal with over population of animals. Mandatory spay/neutering and heavy fines if not done.


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