Exam reveals terrible truth behind cruelty shown towards hungry stray dog

Veterinary exam reveals terrible truth about cruel act
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This stray dog was hungry, but someone hurt instead of helping

A veterinary exam has revealed the terrible truth about the cruelty which was shown to a stray dog who was picked up over the weekend in Mississippi. According to the Second Chances Animal Rescue in Pontotoc, the stray dog, dubbed Claire, was held down and shot in the face.

The rescue group described her injuries:

Not only was sweet baby Claire shot, she was held down and shot in the face. That scab on her nose? That’s actually where the BULLET WENT IN. After a closer look, the bullet went in her snout, through her mouth, down her throat, and out of her neck. She wouldn’t eat or drink for me because there is a gaping hole in her mouth and any food or water comes out of her nose.

In addition to the horrific injuries to Claire’s face and throat, she will likely lose a leg because of a gunshot to her limb. Claire has been suffering with her terrible injuries for some time – the veterinary exam revealed that her wounds are infested with maggots. Despite the severity of her injuries, Claire wants to live. The rescue group wrote:

It’s nothing short of a miracle that this pretty girl is still alive. She definitely has a strong will to live. Keep her in your thoughts. She has a long road of recovery ahead of her if she survives.

Claire is receiving care to help keep her comfortable, and right now, her condition is described as “stable.” The rescue agency has asked for everyone to share her story with the hope that whoever is responsible for this cruelty will be found.

How you can help

Donations can be made via the donate button on the rescue group’s Facebook page, via PayPal to [email protected], or mailed to PO Box 165, Pontotoc, MS 38863.

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  1. Please everyone let’s share all over Texas. Send this story to the newsstations in your area if you live in Texas.

  2. I am trying to find news stations in Texas and sending them this.
    I am wondering if you have heard about this horrific abuse that happened. This dog was held down while a gun was put in her mouth and she was shot. Please tell this story so that the monster who did this is found. That person is a dangerous person and should not be walking our streets.

  3. Poor baby’s only crime was being a stray. Some “wonderful” person probably dumped her, and left her to this fate. Prayers for the poor pup, I hope she survives this and finds a loving home.

  4. I hope Claire is able to fully recover from this and find the loving home she deserves. She’s obviously a sweet dog, which makes what happened to her even more egregious.

    The scumbag who dumped her along with the person who shot her both deserve to be strung up and shot. Anyone who’d show this kind of cruelty toward an obviously friendly dog WILL harm their wife, child, neighbor, and every other human they can, as well as their own pets.

  5. According to the Pet Rescue post this happened in Mississippi, not Texas – but regardless whoever is responsible needs a real quick and fatal encounter with a tractor trailer. Claire did not deserve this cruelty – all she did was want food which some hunk of maggot shit decided it would be entertaining to shoot her – God, I hate animal abusers and hope every single one of them meets a painful long suffering end. May Claire survive her horrific cruelty and find the safe loving home she definitely never had. Please help her to heal.

  6. These demons need to be hunted and shot!. No excuse. Sick of the rampant animal abuse. What a sick deranged demonic fringe of our society!!!


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