Ex-girlfriend accused of intentionally starving dog ‘Champ’ arrested

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In Laurens, South Carolina, a woman accused of intentionally starving “Champ” the dog left in her possession, was arrested on Thursday and charged with the ill treatment of animals.

Jon Giles Gilmer, with Laurens County Animal Control, confirmed that Elizabeth James was issued a citation for animal cruelty and is scheduled to appear in court in September.

“His heartbreaking story is that he is the victim of a breakup,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan posted on the organization’s social media page. “… since ‘he was not her dog’, she fed her dogs but not Champ.”

The 16-month-old Mastiff and Rottweiler mix continues to fight for his life. According to Thursday night’s update at the veterinarian hospital, his blood is not regenerating and Champ is scheduled to receive another transfusion.

“Champ’s blood-work confirms his numbers are still way off & there is no regeneration at this time. There will likely be another blood transfusion in the next day or so. His spirits are up a bit, likely because he knows he is SAFE & that we are trying to help him! He is eating a little bit of chicken!

Champ will continue to get round the clock care for as long as he needs it!”

Just in case, you see a situation that concerns you, report it. Had someone not reached out for help with Champ, it is likely he would not have survived another day.

Jon Giles Gilmer “I’m no hero, the true hero was a neighbor who took a stand and took this animal into his care until we got there .
To be perfectly honest with you if this guy hadn’t stood up and did what he did this dog would be dead .

I’m nothing in this story it was an everyday citizen who made the difference for this dog life.”

To follow the plight of Champ, he now has his own Facebook page – Justice for Champ.

He has a long road back to health, and the donations for his very expensive medical care are appreciated. Click here to help:


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  1. Good! What she really deserves, will never happen, but at least this was taken seriously enough to get an arrest. I’m sure that, even if the courts do nothing, she is going to be crucified in the media, and deservedly so.

    It takes a special kind of monster to starve an animal, just to “get back” at someone. I used to work at a horse boarding stable, and there were a few people who would get behind on their payments. Guess what?! WE STILL FED THEIR HORSES!

    • Exactly! The boyfriend left his own pet with this complete Psychopathic Putrid Poor Excuse of a Human Being & SHE walked by and watched the Suffering without one ONCE of COMPASSION::: She deserves NO BETTER!!! She Needs to be STERIALIZED!!!

  2. It’s unfathomable that anyone can be this heartless and cruel! This is an innocent animal that didn’t ask to be left with this monster, and to the owner that though this monster would be fit to take care of this baby, you deserve to be cited too! Why weren’t you checking on the dog you left behind? I pray for Champ that his is able to survive and find a loving family. To Elizabeth James and her unnamed ex, I hope you both rot in Hell! That’s where you belong!

  3. Her dogs need to be rescued & placed in a safe home as well. She may decide not to feed & care for them if she’s mad with someone else.
    Hope she doesn’t work in the health field. Obviously she has no heart to starve a helpless animal.
    The boyfriend needs to be charged as well. He had to know he was leaving his dog with a heartless person.

  4. Starve that fat ugly maggot skank and see how that bitch likes it. That’s a twisted parasite who punishes an innocent animal because the whore was mad at a human being.

  5. I invoke God’s commandment of the eye for an eye rule and I pray that Elizabeth James is kidnapped and tied up to a chain, left to slowly starve to death. Leave water, so she won’t die too quick. Period!

  6. Throw the book at her, whatever psychological reason , who cares, cruelty to animals will only be reduced by using the system to punish perpetrators to the fullest extent possible. SO Glad that the dear doggie Champ is doing so well!


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