Ex-boyfriend accused of killing woman’s 2 dogs and setting them on fire

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In Hazleton, Indiana, the ex-boyfriend of a woman has been accused of killing two dogs and setting them on fire. Jordan Hunt, 28, was arrested on Wednesday and faces charges of animal cruelty, intimidation and killing a domestic animal.

According to the Courier and Press, investigators allege that Hunt shot the dogs and then burned their bodies leaving their remains in a rural area where their lifeless bodies were found. A Golden doodle and a pit bull mix belonged to the Evansville woman,  Chelsie Koutz, who told police she once dated Hunt. On her Facebook page, Chelsie asked for the public’s help.

” CASH reward to any information regarding who took my babies. I came home at 6 this evening and unlocked my apartment door to find both of my girls gone. I don’t think who took them had a key because the window to my apartment was unlocked. This was personal for sure because absolutely nothing else was missing from my apartment. I believe the person who has them knew this would hurt me the most. They are not just DOGS to me. They are my world and my world has been completely turned upside down so who ever has them definitely accomplished hurting me in the most painful way. I believe I know who has them and I made a promise to the family I would not press charges as long as they are brought home safely. Please please please everyone share this so if for some reason they were dropped off on the side of the road someone may recognize them. They are both friendly…”

Someone had entered her home and stolen the dogs. Not long after, the ex-girlfriend received a message on her Facebook page leading to the arrest of Hunt. The dogs were both shot before they were burned.

Chelsie arrived at the scene shortly after police arrived. The dogs had been burnt, most likely to get rid of their bodies. Chelsie was devastated as she tried to hug the last remains of her two beloved dogs; their faces still intact, but nonetheless one of the most horrid moments any dog owner could ever face.

Hunt is now being held at the Pike County Jail on a $350,000 bond

(Photo of ex-boyfriend and dogs via Facebook)

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13 replies
  1. Kat says:

    Someone needs to shoot that POS, not to kill him, but to make him suffer and then set him fire! May he burn in hell for eternity for what he did to those 2 little furbabies! An eye for an eye justice!

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    WTF is wrong with people (using the term “people” loosely)???

    This is absolutely disgusting. How can anyone be so callous and cruel? Why take out anger on helpless, loving, trusting furbabies who had nothing to do with the breakup??? They probably thought they were going on an outing with someone they knew well (& loved & trusted to the end)……….

    This useless POS should be locked up forever (& lose the keys please). Only leave prison in a pine box….. He has a reserved spot in Hell where he will burn forever for his cruelty……. hope he gets there ASAP after dying alone, afraid, in horrible pain (& worst of all) unloved, like these poor precious treasures…….

    RIP precious treasures, your lives mattered and we hope you get justice……. please look for MacKitty in Heaven and you can RIP amongst loving snuggle buddies…..

  3. Linda says:

    I just hate when poor animals are the brunt of someones evil actions, just to get back at another human. I hope someone shoots him in the knees so he can’t run, then set his ass on fire.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Same thing should be done to this evil monster. He kills his former girlfriend’s dog why? He was a lowlife and she probably figured that out and she broke up with him. He was angry with her and takes it out on the true loves of her life-her little girls. I pray that they are running around together over the rainbow bridge and will watch over her until she meets them again. A firing squad for this scum and then set him on fire. Justice served.

  5. vicki hood says:

    Jordan Hunt will get his due in prison. There is justice there as many fellow inmates have a way. RIP babies. you are not forgotten. Sorry some of these so-called humans inhabit the earth.

  6. J. Martin says:

    EVIL FUCKER!!! Slice his pecker/balls off .. dose the POS in something flammable .. light him him. Let him burn for a bit ..long enough to disfigure him. Then throw what remains .. in prison.

  7. maxiemom says:

    Bastard needs to be shot several times, then set on fire BEFORE he expires! Time for the punishment to start to fit the crime when the crimes are so violent, vicious, evil, and cruel.


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