Ewok-looking dog surrendered to shelter at 20-years-old

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Volunteers and rescuers were at a loss for words when a tiny Ewok-looking teddy bear listed as 20-years-old was surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter on Monday. Terrified , confused and wondering why he was there, Radar just looked around in pure fright.

“You see, Radar is TWENTY YEARS OLD,”(20-years-old) wrote volunteers from the shelter on the rescue Facebook page. “His owner requested that he be euthanized because he has diarrhea and is vomiting. So this guy sits and waits all alone. Does he know he doesn’t have much time? Is he desperately searching for his owner?”



It is not known at this time if Radar can be saved. He has not been examined by a veterinarian and it is possible they will decide humane euthanasia is the best choice to end Radar’s suffering. The group is asking for donations so a rescue can take him and let him pass “surrounded by dignity and love” if that becomes his prognosis.

“We don’t know how much time he has left, but we think he deserves a peaceful passing. Can you donate to attract a rescue? Every little bit helps.”

“If you cannot foster or adopt, please consider donating. 100% goes directly to the rescue that saves him once freedom photos are posted in the comments for everyone to see. If he isn’t saved for ANY reason, your donation is REFUNDED IN FULL! Just say it is for Radar in the notes while checking out.

Pet Harbor listing here. My name is RADAR. I am a neutered male, brown and black Terrier. The shelter staff think I am about 20 years old. I have been at the shelter since Oct 01, 2018. For more information about this animal, call Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services at (281) 999-3191. Ask for information about animal ID number A518736.

(Photo and video of 20-year-old Radar via Houston & Harris County Animal Volunteers)

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  1. Good lord, if your 20 year old dog is dying and you want to euthanize him, then for God’s sake take him to your vet and be there for him in the end! I am so sick of people shirking their responsibility. And don’t tell me they may not have the money! You find the money when it is a pet you love and has been a faithful companion for so many years! I am so disgusted with humans!

      • I just checked his pet harbor page. He is no longer listed meaning he was probably euthanized. Poor little guy. Lone Star Shihtzu and Furbanies Rescue used to be in TX. His former owners should be ashamed. I hope they die alone in a noisy hospital! Sickening to have a little guy for years and be to damn cheap, lazy and uncaring to be with him and get proper vet care! What a precious little guy.

  2. No longer in pet harbor data base. Has he be rescued? Please provide an update. What an adorable dog to be abandoned alone, confused and scared. The owner could have talked to his vet and asked for help with euthanasia costs. Someone would have helped. That shows just how much this so called owner cared for this precious dog.

  3. vomiting and diarrhea doesn’t mean it it time to be put to sleep..what an uncaring and ignorant owner. Hope this baby is seen by a vet, treated and rescued into foster.


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