Severely injured dog had to be humanely euthanized

Every limb of dog’s body was broken – humane euthanasia her only option

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A dog found in Carroll County, Ohio, earlier this month was so badly injured that she had to be humanely euthanized. As reported by Fox 8 News, every limb of Mocha’s body was broken…she was in pain and unable to walk. A veterinarian determined that her injuries were likely the result of abuse, and stated that “her prognosis and quality of life would be very poor.”

The heartbreaking injuries

Jason Cooke, a rescuer and dog advocate in the area, rescued Mocha on November 13 after learning about her situation. He utilized social media to bring attention to her case and on November 14, he let followers know of her passing:

After consulting with two separate orthopedic surgeons, one at Akron MedVet and one at Ohio State University, the decision was made to let#Mocha leave this cruel world and start anew in heaven…she passed away peacefully in my arms, surrounded by those who truly loved her…she enjoyed an entire cheeseburger (she even wanted to eat the box) before crossing the#RainbowBridge

He recounted the horrific injuries the veterinarians had found after taking x-rays of her body:

she suffered from a broken pelvis, broken humerus and carpas, fractures, and also a broken femur, in addition to previous fractures of the ribs…some of her injuries had healed over, while others had not

The injuries happened over a period of one to 12 weeks. Cooke wrote, “I will do my very best to get justice for her.”

The local authorities have confirmed that they have opened an animal cruelty investigation.

Rest in peace Mocha.

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