Emaciated Zeke ran into daycare center and miraculously rescued

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No one knows where nine-pound Zeke came from, but on Thursday, the emaciated puppy innocently wandered into a daycare center in San Antonio. Moments later he quickly scampered away.

Volunteer animal advocates saw the three-month-old skeletal body covered in a thin layer of skin and fur and knew the puppy would not survive much longer; they went on a search to find him. Rescuers were able to join together, collaborated a basic plan and searched for hours. No one could find Zeke; many of the volunteers had to go home.

No way was this to be the end of the story for this frightened puppy. Two rescuers had no intentions of giving up – Zeke would surely have died.  And at 9:00 p.m., the rescue was a success. Zeke was captured and spent the night with his heroes.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC have again stepped up to help. On Friday morning, just hours before the start of a long holiday weekend, Zeke was taken to the organization’s  partner veterinarian where he is receiving life-saving medical care and undergoing tests.

“Little Zeke is only 9 pounds at 3.5 months old. He should weigh at least 15 pounds,” co-founder Stacey Silverstein posted on the organization’s Facebook page. “This poor guy had a horrible beginning in life, but we will make sure that is all changed!”

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    • Cherryl says:

      they R!!! there’s a New York & Texas rescue, but I’ve seen them go many cities 2 HELP in some unfortunate DIRE CASES. SAD…THE PURE EVIL OUT THERE ????

  1. Adrienne says:

    Zeke, you are in wonderful hands and RDR of NYC will do everything they can to build you up so you can have your own forever home and family.

  2. Denise Moore says:

    I will never understand with holding food from an animal. My fur kids eat and get needed attention before me. Get well little Zeke and thank you to those that rescued him


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