Emaciated St. Bernard found locked in basement of abandoned house

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On Friday, the Detroit Dog Rescue found a St. Bernard locked in the basement of an abandoned house. According to the organization’s post on Facebook, the dog had been intentionally trapped with no stairs or means of escape.

“It’s something you see in horror movies. This St. Bernard was locked in a basement of an abandoned house with no stairs and absolutely no way to get out. Alone and in the dark, he wasted away while he waited each day for rescuers.

Thankfully, animal control officers and the Detroit Land Bank came. One officer even scaled the walls down to him while another animal control officer pulled him out. It was a rescue done by true heroes. Detroit Dog Rescue came as fast as we could to get him the urgent medical care he needs.”

Now dubbed Bentley, a veterinarian examination found him more than 40 pounds underweight. It is feared the dog may be suffering from organ failure and is currently being treated in the hospital.

This is a horrific case that has left us all speechless and we want to do everything we can for Bentley. If you can, please donate to DetroitDogRescue.com/donate. PayPal donors can use the address [email protected].

Get well soon Bentley.

(Photos of Bentley, the St. Bernard via FB)

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  1. PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP ON BENTLEY – he has suffered so much from neglect, abandonment and probably abuse – he deserves all the medical care necessary to help him recover – then all he needs is the safe loving home he surely never had. I hope the maggot shit that did this get a fatal date with a tractor trailer ASAP. That would be justice.

  2. Wow !!! DETROIT the arm pit of Middle America!!! the ABUSE AND NEGLECT JUST SEENS TO INCREASE and become MORE HORRIFIC on a daily basis… I hope Bentley can over come the organ failure & the individual Overdoses on their drug of Choice and dies a terrible death very SLOW AND PAINFUL!!!

  3. Hopefully the police will be able to trace the owner of this house and if found that this was his dog, arrest him/them and throw them in jail immediately. Even with the weight loss, he is still a beautiful animal and pray they can get his organs where they should be so he can be adopted or even fostered.If they didn’t want him, why not just let him from to roam and leave? Why keep him in a basement with no way out?

    • If they couldn’t care for him
      they could have brought him to a shelter or surrendered to rescue. Most likely they still
      ate food! Former owner/s deserves the death penalty by starvation! You don’t abandon a dog to get killed in the streets, to starve , to fight elements of the weather and all the crime and gangs in Detroit! I have no sympathy for abusers! Save our tax payers monies by giving them
      the death penalty! Direct correlation to serial rapists, mass murderers with animal abuse. Looking at FBI and law enforcement statistics . If this were a thug that was shot , there would be protests all over! Well animals lives matter too!

  4. How can people be so evil and cowardly to do something like this. I really hope they find the owner, throw him, her or both in jail and starve them..that’s what should start happening in the jails for crimes like this, the old eye-for-an-eye punishment….lock them in solitary confinement in a moldy cell so they can’t breathe without inhaling mold spores, starve them for a month or two.

  5. I can imagine Bentley had shit owners from the beginning since he is in Detroit. All these slime ball animal abusers I wish nothing but horrific painful slow death to all of them.

  6. Find his owners and lock them up! Don’t feed them nor give them any attention. Ignore them completely until they lose 40 pounds. Only fair thing to do.

  7. Too many monsters walk among us….. ANYONE and EVERYONE who is mean to an animal, abuses animals, murders animals, FIGHTS animals KNOWS SOMEONE WHO DOES ALL OF THIS and does not report them …… are monsters. If you surrender an animal….. you are included. Animals are family.
    G O D
    D O G…………get it? They were created for us to love and care for…..not abuse.


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