Emaciated elephant forced to perform circus tricks in Thai arena

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A severely emaciated elephant was forced to perform circus tricks to an almost empty arena at a crocodile farm in Samut Prakan, Thailand on Friday. The female, Asian elephant performed to just a handful of visitors.

According to the Mirror, an anonymous person who stated he had been visiting the zoo for a long time and watching the animals, was very upset after seeing the painfully thin elephant and felt sorry for her.

“I don’t want to say anything bad about the zoo, because there might be problems and cannot afford to look after the elephant. I would like people to help the elephant,” the person stated.

In the video, the elephant balances on two wooden tables and is then led down to walk across a metal tight rope. In the middle of the walk, she stops, turns around and walks back. Clearly, her pelvis and shoulder bones starkly peek out of her skin and has made visitors wonder if the elephant is sick or simply not getting enough food because visitor attendance is so sparse.

The Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo is Thailand’s first crocodile farm caring for more than 60,000 crocodiles used in different daily shows. The other zoo animals add to the shows. At one time the zoo was very popular, but it seems to have lost its appeal, although a spokesperson for the zoo has insisted the elephants are “good” and they do shows every day.

To view the graphic video, click here and scroll down. Be warned the content is disturbing.

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  1. Carol Green says:

    There are probably other petitions out there regarding this zoo and the abused elephant that is made to perform stupid “tricks”, but I just signed the petition at LadyFreethinker.org regarding this elephant. I believe there is also another elephant there that is in bad shape as well. Please look it up and add your comments and signatures.


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