Starved dog found abandoned in apartment basement

Emaciated dog found abandoned in basement of apartment

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An emaciated dog, too weak to even raise her head, was discovered on Wednesday, chained to a post in the basement of an apartment in New Jersey. The pit bull, dubbed Phoenix, was apparently abandoned by her owners, reported North Jersey News.

Rescue group steps up to help

On Wednesday, the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge wrote:

We just received a call from our friends at Paterson Animal Control about a horribly emaciated dog who was found abandoned in an apartment, left without food, water, or even relief from this extreme heat.

RBARI staff is rushing “Phoenix” for emergency medical care.

At this moment, Phoenix is unable to stand or even lift her head. ..but her eyes are watching. ❤️

We can only hope that this poor, frail girl knows that she’s now in loving arms.

Saving Phoenix

Her owners may have left her to die, but she is in good hands now. The animal refuge is committed to helping Phoenix recover from her dismal state of health. Donations for her care can be made at this link to the rescue organization’s Betty Lou Medical Fund.

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5 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    If they left and didn’t want this dog, why not just take it to a shelter and say you found it wandering the streets. Who would really know that you were the scum who dumped this dog? No one, but at least she would have been alive and not fighting for her life. Hope the police can found out who lived there and where they are to prosecute them.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    A bullet to the HEAD of the Bastard/Bastard’s that did this is TOO DAMN GOOD FOR THEM>> SIMPLY these Scum are NOT worth Being allowed to BREATH the Polluted AIR on this EARTH!!! What a same this little animal has had to suffer for maybe weeks like this!! Needless Torture that could have been nonexistent had they just taken her to a shelter… I hope the AUTHORITIES have ENOUGH AMBITION TO TRACK THEM DOWN!!!


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