Pit bull saves elderly woman

Elderly woman saved from drowning thanks to pit bull

An elderly woman, who wound up in a pond in Lawrenceville, Georgia, was rescued after a woman’s pit bull successfully alerted her to the concerning situation. According to NBC4i News, Bruce, (named for the super hero Batman) could sense that something was amiss earlier this month and he did his utmost to get his owner’s attention.

Abby Leathers told the news agency, “He had started emoting and whining, just being very loud at the front door. So I was like huh, this is kind of weird.” Leathers took the hint and let Bruce outside to see what was wrong. The intuitive dog ran directly to the water and Leathers followed – there, she found an elderly woman, scared and cold in the pond water.

The woman was helped out of the water and wrapped up in a blanket while Leathers phoned the authorities – it turns out that the elderly lady’s family was searching for her. Thanks to Bruce’s spot-on canine instincts, the woman was saved and reunited with her family.

Good boy Bruce!

(screenshot via NBC4i News)


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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Here you go all you pit bull haters – another prime example of what great dogs they really are – those that blame these dogs for being aggressive and killers need to take a step back and see who is really to blame – HUMANS – those that feel these dogs are good for dogfighting need to see what these animals are forced to go through to be fight eligible – the cruel negligent treatment – and then there are the irresponsible so called ‘owners’ who allow them to run freely with no training, no kind treatment, no love – again this is a human problem not a dog problem. Bruce is a hero – he saved his owner’s life – is that a horrible animal? Not hardly.

  2. annah says:

    Awesome humans have the misconception of this particular breed of dogs, all animals have to be taught their boundaries, humans have always been the instigators of bad behaviour in animals, one very prime example is these poor dogs are mistreated and used for monetary gain for humans, humans greed is destroying the animal kingdom…….

  3. Ezgi Melody says:

    ❤️ ???? ℒℴѵℯ ???? ❤️ ???? ℒℴѵℯ ???? ❤️
    ❤️ ???? ℒℴѵℯ ???? ❤️ ???? ℒℴѵℯ ???? ❤️


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