Elderly, possibly blind dog, on death row in Texas

elderly blind dog on death row
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Is this how it ends for an elderly homeless dog in Texas? Alone, confused and frightened in a kennel run at a busy animal control agency? Partners of Arlington Animal Services (TX) has posted a Facebook plea on the senior dog’s behalf:

GRACE – ID# 39790360
Please help this precious, sweet, little girl find a new forever home or rescue now or it will be too late!!! Imagine the horrible life this precious soul has had to endure, when found she weighs only 22 lbs!!! Absolutely heartbreaking!!! Please don’t let her die now afraid and alone in a shelter!!! She deserves so much better than that!!!

Saving Grace

Grace is underweight and appears to have been neglected. She needs to be resting comfortably in a safe home, not sitting alone and frightened in a kennel run. Grace’s “review” date is 10/2/18 (Tuesday).

Pertinent information to save Grace:

INTAKE: 9/28/18 AT 12:41 PM
REVIEW: 10/02/18 AT 12:41 PM

EMAIL [email protected]

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  1. Nope, won’t do anything else for this devil spawned state! YOU do NOTHING, I’m sick of crying and sending YOU derelicts money! I pray that EVERYONE else is inspired to QUIT propping up states like this that allow this to continue year after year after year. Why should they? A friend of mine who lives IN Texas was at one of their shelters waiting to look at adoptable dogs, went out for a smoke and around the corner heard the HEAD of A/C telling a Texas house representative, while LAUGHING mind you, “no we don’t need to push for any change in animal welfare because we have so many idiots in this country who cry over this crap and send butt loads of money to take care of this. Why should we invest anything in it, when we don’t have to right now. Let’s wait until they quit helping us.”

  2. Well, poor little Archer didn’t make it, let’s pull out all the stops for this little sweetheart- Grace by name and I’m sure by nature, she certainly deserves better than a cold concrete slab to spend the rest of her life on. Thoughts and Prayers for Grace to be rescued urgently and given another chance to start life with a loving human. I believe it would give her such a boost she would live longer 5han currently expected, and if not, at least she would know she’s loved. I said my piece about Texas in comments re Archer, so not going to rehash. Someone here has said they will no longer donate to help Texas, I would kindly ask you though to please still give for the animals. They need bailing out and rescues can’t do the work without financial support from generous donors of large or small amounts. I’m going to keep going for just the animals.


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