Dog found alive under crumbled brick wall

Elderly dog buried alive under collapsed brick wall

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An elderly dog, 16 years of age, was buried alive when a brick wall collapsed on him in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. Jose Gonzalez feared that his senior pit bull, Magic, had perished beneath the rubble, but amazingly, the dog survived.

Dog buried under brick wall

The miraculous rescue

Magic’s family attempted to dig through the pile of rubble by hand, reports NBC Philadelphia, but the task was overwhelming. Two days after the brick wall tumbled to the ground, construction workers were on hand to clean up the mess and against all odds, they discovered that Magic was still alive!

The bricks were cleared away from the senior dog’s body and he was removed from the pile – alive, but suffering from dehydration and trauma to his head. The dog was taken to a veterinarian for treatment and an exam.

His owner told the news agency how overjoyed he was to see Magic alive after two days of believing that he had perished, “They say men don’t cry but I was so happy I was crying.”

(Screenshots via NBC Philadelphia)

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7 replies
      • Barkley's Mom says:

        The yard is under a pile of rubble from a wall collapsing, how can you tell what it looked like and I doubt very much if he knew the wall was going to collapse in his yard. I let my dogs out to play in their yard, is there something wrong with that?

  1. Dalma Bugg says:

    Thoughts and Prayers for Nagic to heal a day recover well from his injuries and otprdeal, but why didn’t his owner keep trying to get him out instead of presuming he had been killed. I would’ve had my dog inside out of harm’s way when there’s construction work going on. To get his exercise, I would’ve made sure he got plenty of gentle walks given his age rather than leave him in danger. However, Magic has survived, thank the good Lord. Let’s also be thankful for one happy ending so far out of this current batch of Pet Rescue Report.


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