dying hope - dog homeless for 2 years

Dying hope – dog resigned to fate after 2 years inside of lonely kennel run

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Dying hope…it is inevitable for a lonely dog who has spent the last two years of her life locked away in an animal shelter kennel run. Her name is Heidi and her daily reality is a small kennel run, concrete floor and a bed – no family or comforts of home.

More about Heidi

Four-year-old Heidi has spent half of her life inside of a kennel at the Hempstead Shelter in Wantagh, New York. Though she receives food, water and shelter, she is lacking the companionship that she needs to thrive. Suffice to say, she is a sad, lonely dog who desperately needs to find a loving home.

Last week, an advocate wrote:



I have been WAITING OVER TWO YEARS in this KENNEL ALL DAY, everyday, just WAITING and WAITING…I’m getting VERY TIRED and SAD….I just want to GO HOME😢

I am a BEAUTIFUL 4 yr old GOOD GIRL, that is
DOG FRIENDLY with slow intros!!!🐾
I WALK GREAT ON LEASH and I love my walks, when I get to go out!!!🐾
I know A LOT of COMMANDS, like sit, down and paw!!!🐾
I’m recommended for a home with kids 17 plus.

Helping Heidi

You can help Heidi find a home by sharing this article! Networking is known to save lives and facilitate adoptions. Heidi’s Facebook page here.

Video of Heidi at the shelter

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For the love of dogs




9 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Heidi looks like she will be a wonderful addition to a home and will slow intros, adjust well. Dogs get scared and the only way they can make their feelings known is barking or biting, so take things slow with a dog like this and Heidi will be the perfect pet in your home.

  2. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I have found her an amazing loving home. My Rescue Friend in TX is moving to PA soon & wants to adopt her. Please call me so we can get this on the way for this sweet girl. I do not have FB so please call. 478-456-8764.

  3. Mike Fischer says:

    I will adopt her,she looks like my dog Buddy who is four years old too. Brother and sister? Buddy’s from Arkansas I’ve had him since April.


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