Dying 8-month-old puppy survives the night after miracle rescue

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A dying eight-month-old puppy was saved on Friday night from a Dallas, Texas shelter because of a miracle rescue coordinated by volunteers and animal advocates. First thoughts were that the weak and fragile pup had been a burn victim; no one knew what torturous life she had lived in such a brief time. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up with the miracle. No one knew if she would survive the night.


Video #1

Posted by Leslie Hennings on Friday, June 29, 2018

The dog arrived at the emergency hospital in Dallas and was named Lola. At first, she was completely unresponsive and urgent medical care was her only hope. Between the heat of the night and her fragile compromised physical condition, Lola would not have survived much longer at the shelter.

“We were in constant touch with the ER medical team until late into the night and first thing this morning,”  stated Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. “Lola has a lot going on. Demodex mange is confirmed along with pyoderma and a bad skin infection. Her skin is swollen, red, bloody and raw in places.”

And as if that wasn’t enough for any puppy so young to suffer with, Lola is nearly hairless and dangerously anemic; her white blood cell count remains high and she has a heavy concentration of hookworms. Veterinarians have diagnosed her with bilateral corneal ulcers, and it is hoped her eyesight can be spared.

Lola was given a blood transfusion when brought in last night as well as intravenous fluids and antibiotics.

“We were terrified we’d get a message over night that Lola was gone and that we were too late. Luckily that did not happen and Lola is still with us. We are so grateful she survived the night,” Stacey added on Saturday morning. “She is far from out of the woods, but we will take it. She will remain at the 24/7 emergency vet hospital for the foreseeable future.”

Video #2

Posted by Leslie Hennings on Friday, June 29, 2018

Video #3  Get well soon Lola


To help Lola:

(Photos and video supplied by Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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7 replies
  1. Luana Duncan says:

    What the heck is wrong with people??? I mean this pup is still a baby!!! An for her previous owners 2 abandone Lola is inconceviable!!! I’m so glad u folks found her and r helping her! My prayers will go out 2 Lola!! She’s still a beauty 2 me!!

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Due this United States of America and Excommunicate The State of Texas back to Mexico… Never in my wildest dreams Could I even think that there were “Living Creatures” walking the earth of our country that ARE SO VERY RUTHLESS AND EVIL!!! Texas is so full of diabolical, Psychopaths, Hate Mongers, How can the Normal , and Humane Put UP with the Shit that goes on there ANYMORE !!! The people that HAVE PRIDE in their STATE INCLUDING (ABBOTT) the Governor ( What a JOKE ) really need to STEP UP and remove their Ostrich Heads from the SAND!!! What would this State do without Dogs Rock New York!!! Holy Christ !!! gather up (” Some Ball”s) down there and TAKE A STAND !!! Don’t Just let Other’s BE the fixers!!! for the Mess and Neglect of THOUSANDS of HELPLESS Animals down there in A STATE that our & YOUR fore Fathers Fought for decadeds ago!!! PLEASE TAKE SOME PRIDE IN THE INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM YOU HAVE !!!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Good ole Texas comes through again with another horror story about an abused animal that was put through hell by one of their crap inbred citizens. Lola was tortured by some stinking maggot puke and most likely no one will be held responsible – even if they are caught – it will be another slap on the hand and walk out the door. This state desperately needs authorities who take animal abuse seriously, unlike the cretins sitting in the governor’s office presently – right Abbott? Lola deserves justice for the horrific abuse she suffered.


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