Dumped: Samantha’s family was tired of her because “she was old”

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Meet Samantha. No other word besides “dumped” can describe what happened to this 12-year-old sweet dog whose owner was tired of her because she was “old.” When brought into the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control on Tuesday, Samantha’s owner requested their dog be euthanized.

And so Samantha is now available for adoption or fostering. A volunteer at the shelter is hoping a family comes through for this senior soon.

“If you are interested in adopting her, please EMAIL (don’t call) the vet has not seen her yet so we won’t have any info until after the holiday on health. Adoptions are done in person but she could have a tag so email first.”

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Follow Samantha’s plight on Facebook here.When calling, be sure to reference 39031165. Please share this senior with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

EMAIL: [email protected]

This dog is located at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control/Chuck Silcox Adoption Center, 4900 Martin Street, Fort Worth 76119. Do not call the shelter; adoptions must be done in person and all rescue tags must be sent via email.

(Photos and video of dumped dog Samantha via Paige King)

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    • I agree. I currently have two seniors….one is VERY old with several health issues. She is a lot of work but I consider it an honor to take care of her.

  1. Samantha needs to be in a loving home for the remainder of her years. Since she is a senior, possibly help with medical bills,etc. would encourage someone to adopt or even foster her.She looks like my baby did when she got old. All black with white around her muzzle and around each eye. She looked like a raccoon and we loved her until the end.

  2. Living beings are not like old sofas or appliances. I didn’t used to think I had to explain that to people, but unfortunately, disrespect for life, including for those who would give their own lives for us, is rampant.

    “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” is the law of karma that we all create for ourselves. The relentlessly selfish will continue opting to learn the hard way.

  3. These so called owners are a pos. Just because the dog gets old they want to dispose of her like trash. Put her to sleep so they can dispose of the situation just like getting rid of an old toy. She came them the best years of her life and now they betray her in the most cruelest way.! She is too good for them. These assholes should never be aloud to adopt another dog ever again!

      • I also agree. They should never be allowed to own another precious animal. If they do as soon as the innocent animal gets old they will dump the precious animal just like they did with precious Samantha. I pray Samantha is adopted into a forever loving home where she can live out her short life left with a beloved and caring family.


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