Dumped by his owner at shelter because pooch rummaged through trash

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Coby was dumped at the shelter by his owner because the two-year-old mixed breed wouldn’t stop rummaging through the trash. Maybe his family had no time for Coby and never trained him? Maybe Coby was just mischievous or maybe he was bored? Nevertheless the frightened pup had no idea why his family had abandoned him at the South Carolina Fairfield County Animal Shelter.

Shelter volunteer, Samira El-Hage shared Coby’s video on social media. Hearts broke as his photo cowering in the corner and appearing so helpless quickly went viral. On Facebook, Samira wrote:

“I had no idea he was a surrender… surrendered because he kept getting into the trash?? I thought he was picked up as a stray. That explains why he is scared out of his mind.. almost like a feral dog would be …but not once did he growl, or try to bite. He wanted to hide under the raised bed or run away when we got outside.”

Coby was so frightened he wouldn’t look at anyone and had to be carried both outside and then back in to his kennel. And then, as if he could hide in plain view, just stared back into the corner.

And then came Coby’s miracle. Leigh Maddox, founder of Compassion for Cats of Delaware spotted the sad dog’s plight and immediately began to make preparations to bring him home – even though it was a nine-hour trip. Charity organization, Pilots N Paws made the trip possible.

“Please Don’t Be Scared Any More Sweet Coby Boy: Try to let go of your fear & not worry. No one’s ever giving up on you or will hurt you again. Your earth angels rescued you, #CompassionForCatsFromDelawarefrom that scary shelter & our #PNP angel #Pilots with steel wings flew you to your fabulous foster home where they’ll shower you with love & affection until you come out of your shell & learn to trust again & be the carefree pet you were meant to be & are ready to begin life again with a new fantastic fur-ever family. That’s Pilots N Paws#Christmas wish for you…,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

Now, nearly a month later, Coby has been making progress, and although he is still very shy, he is learning he is loved. Check out his latest video:


Coby wasn’t alone when Pilot N Paws made the trip; Tiny Tim is still in need of a home. Although Coby has received a great deal of attention, Tiny Tim gets none.

Tim is dog and cat friendly. He LOVES to play with other dogs big and small and his foster says he smuggles toys and hides them in his crate  He is crate trained and doing very well with housebreaking. Tim will be at our adoption event this Sunday, 11-2 at the Camden Petvalu. Let’s make his holiday wish come true and find him the home he’s been searching for!”

(Photos of dog surrendered because he rummaged through the trash via Samira El-Hage)

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Just an adorable game of hide and seek!

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5 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Countless thanks and blessings to all of the angels at Compassion for Cats and Pilots N Paws! My prayers are with you and also for an angel for Tiny Tim!

  2. Dalma Bugg says:

    How ridiculous can this be. All they needed was a lockdown or clipdown lid on their trash can and spend some quality time with Coby to train him but no, they took he lazy way out. They don’t deserve to have pets ever again.

  3. Isabel says:

    When a human dumps a fur baby, for any idiotic reason, tells me the former honers were stupid, imbecile, good for nothing morons.. I wish them the worse Christmas and a very, very, very, unhappy new year, because that is the only thing they deserve.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    If your dog gets into the trash you have no one to blame but yourself. YOU left it so the dog can get into it, so it’s YOUR fault! Bless Leigh Maddox and Pilots for Paws for seeing beyond a common dog problem and giving Coby his happy ever after.


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