Dumped again: Owners never bothered to say goodbye to George

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In Baldwin Park, California, George lies in his tiny prison and waits for his owners to take him home. Little does the eight-year-old Golden retriever realize, that for the second time in his life, he has been dumped at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center.

“His ID number shows he was at the shelter before. Now got dumped back again -horrible. He’s sad and would love a nice family and a comfy bed.”

Hence, another senior surrendered to the shelter. Check out his video:


Please share George’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Follow his Facebook page here.

For info please call 626-962-3577 and push 5,2,2 and have ID number ready. Make sure to reference #A4846120.

Baldwin Park Animal Care Center
4275 N. Elton Street
Baldwin Park, California 91706

Mon thru Thurs: 12-7 pm
Fri thru Sun: 10-5pm

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An incredible transformation

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  1. Dalma Bugg says:

    Coming to the conclusion people are using their poor dogs as scapegoats. What good reason could there be to surrender a beautiful loving older dog whom you’d already chosen to adopt previously- and not even say goodbye when you left. This precious boy’s ex-owners do not deserve to have any animal again. This is just as cruel mentally to a dog as any physical abuse inflicted as they show us so much love unconditionally even when we’re maybe in a grumpy mood, and Lord knows, they are so loving with rescue and shelter staff even when they’ve suffered horrific abuse. This boy’s ex-owners should also be questioned in my opinion, as George looks rather thin for a Golden Retriever. I know they’re usually lean but muscly, but I think he’s simply thin, markedly underweight for his age. I hope they get hauled through the justice system for all they’ve done to this precious boy.
    Thoughts and Prayers for George to thrive at the shelter or with a foster, so thst he’ll be good and strong to move on to his furever home with a very loving family who will turn his sad frown upside down and help him be a beautifully happy boy again because that’s what he deserves more than anything.

  2. ACE says:

    How can people be so unkind? To go to a shelter and adopt and then abandon this little chap again. Shame on them,there should be a national register, that records people who adopt and then abandon…they SHOULD NOT be allowed to adopt again..ONE STRIKE and you’re OUT, we should not take chances with the well being of these precious animals

  3. Julie says:

    This is absolutely disgusting!!!!! How could any owner abandon their dog like this???? Aside from my death, there is NOTHING that would make me do this to any of my pets, NOTHING, NEVER!!!! I too pray that George finds his true, furever home.


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