Abandoned and unwanted

Dumped, abandoned and desperately in need of help

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Five dogs have been dumped in a rural area near Pearcy and Royal, Arkansas – the abandoned dogs are struggling to survive in the wooded area on their own. A kind woman has taken it upon herself to bring food to these cast-offs of society, but true help, in the form of a rescue group which can take them in, is desperately needed.

A cry for help

An advocate, hoping for assistance, has reached out for help for the abandoned dogs. She writes:

The dogs are extremely skinny, full of ticks, and in overall poor condition…one of the brown ones has a bloody wound on his back. With the heat and lack of safety and vet care, the dogs are in a dangerous situation.

How can you help?

These abandoned dogs need to be trapped – and then taken to a veterinarian for care. Unfortunately, every rescue group in the area is full – no one is able to lend a hand. One dog lover has offered to help field suggestions and offers of help for these dogs and she is even willing to donate $500 of her own funds towards their care. You can help by networking this information and reaching out to the dogs’ advocate with suggestions, donations and offers to help. If interested in taking an active role in this rescue effort, or if you can help with veterinary funding, please contact: Missy at 501-259-1345, or via email at mjs785@yahoo.com.

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8 replies

    I pray that whomever dumped these poor animals has the same thing done to them when they get older.

  2. Adrienne says:

    How do people just dump all 5 dogs in this wooded area and think they will survive on their own? Cowards who do this and can’t even take these dogs to a shelter and say you found them all in the woods. They might not believe the person, but they would take them in. More and more spineless,cowardly scum that are the people who are too selfish to do the right thing. Hope these dogs find good homes and live the life they should be living.

  3. Jo says:

    I wish all the evil there is on the person who dumped a momma pup in labor on someone’s doorstep where one baby died!


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